The Daily Observer (Banjul) - Gambia: ITAG Introduced in URR

04/11/2012 02:10

Basse — The Basse chapter of the Information Technology Association of The Gambia was recently introduced to stakeholders in the administrative capital of the Upper River Region during a briefing session held at the Gambia Telecommunication Multimedia Institute (GTMI) in Basse Santa-Su.

The briefing, which was attended by businessmen, members of the NGO community, and the natives of Basse, was meant to enlighten and inform them about ITAG and its new chapter in that town.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter, the corporate affairs officer of the association, Kawsu Sillah, said ITAG is committed to, among other things, promote the use and development of information technology in the Gambia, especially in helping the Basse community to have more access to computers and internet facilities.

He informed that the ITAG was formed in 2004, noting that its Basse chapter being the first of its kind was established on 25th March 2012. Sillah described the establishment of the chapter in Basse as both timely and important in Basse in the sense that the community needs more development in terms of information and communication technology. He concluded by calling on the people of Basse to join ITAG in order to benefit from its services.

By Alieu Ceesay, 10 April 2012


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