Membership is opened to all descendants, residents, and well-wishers of the Township of Basse.   


 Annually for new members: 

  1.   $40 (Forty Dollars) in the Americas 
  2.   £20 (Twenty Pounds) in the United Kingdom
  3.   €25 (Twenty-five Euros) in the European Union
  4.  $40, £20, or €25 (same as above) in Asia or Australia
  5.   D100 (One hundred Dalasis) in Africa.  

Please note, to reamain active as a member, fees have to be paid by January 31st of each calendar year.

Please make payments by clicking the PayPal button below:

Active Membership

2016 Active Members

01/11/2016 01:52
USAMr. Hassan Touray - USAMs. Jacob Touray - USACherno B. Jallow - USAAlhagie Mballow - USASaikou Jallow - USAEuropeSainey Jabbi - NetherlandsAssan Jaiteh - UKAfrica

Active Members - 2015

01/24/2015 12:42
USA                                                 &

Active Members 2014

01/09/2014 07:42
USA                                                 &nb

Active Members 2013

01/22/2013 22:00

Active Members - 2012

08/09/2012 11:21


Our Constitution

08/31/2012 00:00
Friends of Basse, Inc. We concerned citizens and well-wishers of the Township of Basse hereby establish a constitution for an Association which shall serve as the sole governing law for the Members of such Association. ARTICLE-I Section-1 NAME, OBJECTIVE, STATUS a)    The Association shall be called Friends of Basse, established to unify and voluntarily mobilize all descendants, residents, and well-wishers of the township of Basse, The Gambia, West Africa for the ultimate purpose of its development. b)    The main objectives of Friends of Basse shall include, but not limited to, the promotion of charity, education, recreation, and/or any other cultural and/or social activities for the advancement of the township of Basse.  c)    Friends of Basse shall be non-profit, non-political and shall not seek any formal affiliation with a political party either inside or outside The Gambia.  Section-2...

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