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07/17/2012 10:59

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) Thursday visited Alhaji Omar Khan, the governor of Upper River Region (URR) as part of their nationwide tour.

Speaking to the students, Governor Khan applauded the GTTI students for the visit while describing it as very important. He said the graduates from GTTI are expected to surely contribute to the development of the country especially in the area of science and technology; and as the future leaders. The governor however advised them be serious withtheir studies.

In another development, the GTTI students also visited SOS Children’s Village. Speaking at the event, Henry Mendy, the director of SOS Children’s Village in Basse explained that SOS started operation in 1982 in Bakoteh in the Kombo and later proceeded to Basse in 2007.

He informed that the founder of SOS is Dr. Herman Gmeiner, who founded it in 1932 and reached The Gambia in 1782. He further explained that SOS Basse has 12 families, each family has 12 members; a total of 128 orphans and that they received some in the village.

Mendy then disclosed that there are three sections of the orphanage; namely orphan, semi-orphan and age, which is from 0-7; that above 7 are sent to the SOS village in Bakoteh in the Kombos.

Ismaila Njie, the principal of the school, also commended the GTTI students for visiting the SOS Children’s Village.

Author: Arfang Camara; Daily Observer


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