Executive Meeting Minutes - Sunday, August 24, 2014

10/26/2014 17:00


Alh. Saibo Drammeh

Secretary - Amadou Basiru Jallow

Cherno Baba Jallow

Hassan Touray

Kawsu Sillah

Maimuna Sey

Mamadou Salieu Jallow

Chairman - Momodou B. Krubally

Date & Time: 08/24/14 @ 17:00 GMT


·        Welcome and opening prayers

.        Ramadan Project

·        Library Project Update

·        Open Discussion/round table

·        Next Executive and General Meeting

Welcome and opening prayers:

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Mr. Mamadou Salieu Jallow while Mr. MB Krubally chaired it.

Ramadan Project:

It was agreed that a detailed report of the Ramadan Project will be compiled and publish on the association's
website as was done last year. This will include the financial transactions of the Ramadan project.


 As part of the fundraising efforts of the association, it was agreed that Mr. MB Krubally would make an effort to meet with Jaliba Kuyateh in Dallas, Texas. If the meeting is successful, he will report the details of the meeting with the executive team.

Mr. Cherno Baba Jallow suggested that we plan ahead for the event by making FoB banners and T-shirts.

Mr. Hassan Touray suggested that we get more artists to participate in the event alongside Jaliba Kuyateh to
make us unique.

Library Project Update:

 Mr. MB Krubally mention that we have to get the Library Project started immediately after the rainy season.

Open Discussion/Round Table:

Mr. MB Krubally encourage Mr. Kawsu Sillah and his colleagues on the ground to make an effort to secure a
piece of land for Friends of Basse.

Ms. Maimuna Sey reported that she sold the thirty-one (31) FoB T-shirts that were sent to the Gambia for D2, 425. However, it is important to note that these T-shirts did not cost FoB anything; the cost of production and shipping were donated by Mr. MB Krubally and Mr. Valentine Bajankey respectively. Ms. Maimuna Sey was instructed to handover the money to Mr. Filly Sabally to put in the FoB account. Mr. Sabally will document the amount in a Spreadsheet as funds from T-Shirts sold for accountability purposes.

Also, it was agreed to reproduce the T-Shirts in the U.S.A despite concerns that we will not be able to sell
these T-shirts at a profitable price in the Gambia. This is because we believe that we stand to gain more from the publicity of these t-shirts.

Some of the participants believe that getting a piece of land in Basse is crucial for the future of the association and a step in the right direction.

Next Executive and General Meeting:

The next executive and general meetings will be schedule. A communication will be sent out as soon as the
details are finalized.

The meeting took about 1.5 hours and was closed with a prayer by Alh. Saibo Drammeh.


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