Executive Meeting - August 7th, 2010

08/07/2010 18:17

Basse Association, Inc. Executive Meeting Minutes: teleconference

Chairperson: Pa Joof

Secretaries: M.B. Krubally, Bakary M. Jallow

Other Attendees: Mamadou S. Jallow, Ousainou Krubally, Samba Johm, Muhtarr Jallow, Alhagie Sey, Cherno Baba Jallow and Wuyeh Sanyang.

Date: August 7th, 2010.

Wuyeh: Opened the meeting with greetings as usual. He continued to challenge all executive members to keep up the hard work and determination.

Pa: Tried to contact Basse BA rep. Dawda Sankareh for an update regarding the B.A. sponsored Nawettan but to no avail. He passed the floor to Wuyeh to give us an update on the status of ongoing projects. 

Wuyeh: Had been following up with the mosque project. Contacted Mike Secka but he could not give him details about the mosque project. Wuyeh told executives that Dawda was having trouble with the mosque project contractors. According to Wuyeh, Dawda told him 90% of the cost of the construction cost had been handed to the contractors, while less than 90% of the job had been completed. Mosque project was at a standstill. Wuyeh suggested for Dawda to meet with the mosque committee and sort things out. Dawda was calling for B.A. Inc. to change contractors.

Bakary: Why can’t Dawda intervene? He should take over despite the fact that the initial contract negotiation was done in his absence.

Muhtarr: Urged Wuyeh to continue the coordination and getting members info. Muhtarr questioned the amount of work done knowing that 90% of the construction cost had already been disbursed

Wuyeh: Having trouble getting in touch with Alh. Kaw Yerro.

Muhtarr: Suggested members to help Wuyeh get in contact with Kaw Yerro.

M.B: Suggested Cherno Baba and Wuyeh to be the main communicators regarding the mosque project.

Ous: Gave an overview of the B.A. Inc. sponsored Nawettan . It was a very successful one. He reported the income earned and expenditures incurred during the super cup. One of the things gained from this project was the good public relation it had brought for B.A. Inc. Not to mention the boost it brought for the Basse football subzone committee.

Bakary: Congratulated Ous and sports organizers.

Cherno Baba: requested pictures to be put on the website.

Ous: Will get some pictures from Dawda.

Samba John: As PRO, he would contact the radio station executives in Basse and see how best he could collaborate with the stations to promote B.A. Inc activities.

Pa: Opening the bank account for B.A. was possible but there were few hurdles. He explained the restrictions and charges involved. Ways of going around the charges and restrictions were discussed. Members agreed to go ahead and open the account despite the charges.

M.B: The advantages of opening an account outweigh the disadvantages. Bank of America is the bank of choice. Alhagie Sey will go ahead and open the account on behave of B.A. Inc.

M. S. Jallow: No association/organization exists without overhead cost.

Alhagie: Will open account the next day.

M.B: Asked Samba if he came across anybody on the ground that could assist Dawda in running B.A. activities on the ground?

Samba: Not sure but was able to speak to Basserians. An encounter with Mariama Jaw revealed the lack of unity among Basse people and the dishonesty that ravaged the city.

M.B: Advised Samba to take control of communication issues. Executives agreed for B.A. Inc to collaborate with Hamidou Jah. Bakary will reinitiate contact with Hamidou Jah and Samba will take on from there.

Wuyeh: urged website to be updated frequently. He warned members not to violate the constitution by not conducting meetings as stipulated by the constitution.

Ous: He extended Alh. Saibou’s apology for not attending the meeting. He stated Alh. Saibo had contacted Dawda regarding fundraising efforts but Dawda had turned it down because of his busy schedule. The Basse reunion was on its way and members will be notified in due cours on any developments.

Cherno Baba: Stated Omar Camara apologized for the message that had supposedly emanated from him and which was sent to members. According to Cherno, Omar Camara reported that the message had been sent by a family member and not him.



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