Basse Association Executive Meeting - March 6, 2011

04/03/2011 20:33

BA Executive Meeting Minutes
March 6th, 2011 @ 16:00 Gambian Time


Proposed 2011 projects (School Library + Scholarships, Health Center Ward, League Team) *
Membership dues *
Nawettan Brawl

* Brief reports/proposals from committee chairs (Bakary Jallow, Ousainou Krubally, Cherno B. Jallow for Pa Samba Johm)

* A reminder to executive members yet to pay their dues


Pa Joof

Alhagie Sey

Alh. Saibo Drammeh

Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow
Bakary Jallow
Wuyeh Sanyang
Cherno B. Jallow
Ousainou Krubally
Mutarr Jallow
MB Krubally

Chairman: Pa Joof
Secretary: Momodou B. Krubally

Wuyeh Sanyang opened the meeting welcoming back the executive. He commented on the slow pace of the association but commended the editors for keeping the website updated with new articles. He pointed to the arrest of Hassan Touray as one of the reasons for our slow down but urged all to get back on track. Wuyeh concluded by asking for the executive to start reaching out to the members for their 2011 renewals.

On the state of the Basse Association, herewith respective comments:

Pa Joof: Thanked Wuyeh and encourage the executive members who had yet to pay to come about. He advised that the executive must set the stage for members to follow.

Pa update the group that he was not able to get hold of Dawda Sankareh the BA project manager on the status of the projects on the ground. He asked for updates on the suggested committees. He asked if anyone had reached Michael Secka on the status of the student scholarships to which no one answered.

Pa continued that he would reach out to Michael Secka and update the group. It was confirmed that the scholarship was an annual basis program that BA intends on continuing.


Committee Updates:

Bakary Jallow for Health: Stated that his committee had yet to meet. He commented that, he however, thought that it’s best his group focused on assisting with basic needs instead of procuring new beds as initially discussed. Bakary added that Alh. Mamadou Sellou who just returned from a visit had complied a list of needed items that he and his team could focus on. He said he was yet to speak with Basse Health Center's Mr. Ablie Jammeh. He concluded that the basic items were affordable without incurring major costs.

Alh Mamadou Sellou Jallow: Joined the discussion and notified us that he had visited with Mr. Ablie Jammeh while in Basse recently and had complied a list of basic commodities needed at the hospital. He read out a list of items including Omo, Dettol, Wheelbarrows, bandages rolls, bedside plastic, chairs and other hygienic items. Alh. Sellou suggested a swift action on the named items and ship them as soon as possible. He continued that we should just provide the items requested as the folks on the ground better know what they need rather than us in the Diaspora dictating terms.

Pa Joof: Suggested for the health committee to meet and react to Basse Health Center's suggested needs.


Wuyeh Sanyang: Agreed to Pa Joof’s suggestion and said we should hold another meeting if needed to discuss further. He suggested that we not rush on these things.


Cherno B. Jallow for Education: Since the chairman of the education Mr. Samba Johm was not present (traveled), Cherno spoke on his behalf. Che mentioned that he had not spoken with Samba and they never had time to hold a meeting as Samba was on a trip and expected to return the following week. He stated that they would hold a brain-storming session once Samba returned and update the group. He mentioned that they expected to continue the scholarship program as set by BA. He concluded that given Samba’s previous experience in the Gambian education system, he would be the best person to design a project for them to execute.

Pa Joof: Said that he would be sending a container to The Gambia in the next few weeks. He stated that he would reach out to Michael Secka to see what items were needed for us to start collecting. Pa said he was willing to ship at no cost. He mentioned that he would give us a clear idea as to his container's departure time.

Bakary Jallow: Commented that Pa’s notice was too short for us to collect items and ship them to him in time. He mentioned that we should start the process now and could have some items on hand the next time Pa sends another container.

Wuyeh Sanyang: Added that we should give it a try and see what we could collect to take advantage of the free shipping.


Cherno B. Jallow: Stated that most items that we could collect were readily available. He asked if BA was willing to buy these items if members couldn't donate them in a timely manner. He suggested that we buy pens and pencils to ship this time


Mutarr Jallow: Suggested that we put together a better plan once Samba arrives, adding that we should reach out to institutions in the US as most of them have items that they are willing to donate.


Alhagie Sey: Also suggested that we collect used items to send back home. Members agreed on his suggestion.

Ousainou Krubally for Sports & Culture: Spoke of the sports committee on he ground. He communicated that things were currently tough for him given the current brawl that took place during the finals. Ous briefed the group on the brawl stating that it was started by the fans not the players. He continued that some fans had been arrested but he was working with the authorities on the ground to resolve the matter.

He also mentioned that the divisional team is in training with 18 players on the team. He spoke of a test match between the Basse divisional team and Fatoto which resulted into a draw. Ous concluded that he would keep the team updated on issues and when he needed help.


Alh. Saibo Drammeh: Seconded Ous’s suggestion to allow the folks on the ground to resolve the brawl matter at hand. He added that since Ous was in touch, he would keep us posted. He suggested that we come up with a statement to denounce the violence.


Cherno B Jallow: Agreed with Alh. Saibo Drammeh to leave the matter with the folks on the ground and allow Ous to continue working with them rather than BA’s direct involvement. He said we should not be intrusive. He added that fighting in sport is not new in Basse. He suggested that if needed we could have our PR representative Pa Samba Johm send a statement to address the matter. He thought it would be smart if Pa reached out to the two teams and even speak with the local paper that reported the brawl.

Wuyeh on Membership Drive: He suggested that the executive members who have the bank account on hand contact various members to deposit their dues.

Momodou Krubally: Suggested that we consider giving members the alternative to pay their dues in The Gambia. Some at the meeting did not like this idea for accountability purposes.


Cherno B. Jallow on the Website: Looking for materials to keep the website updated. Che mentioned that he would like Bakary to write something about heath care services in the Basse area.

The meeting was adjourned and Pa Joof will send out information about the next meeting date.


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