BA Executive Meeting May 15, 2011

05/17/2011 10:49

Minutes of BA Executive Meeting held on May 15th 2011 at 16:00Hrs GMT:


Ousainou Krubally

Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang (Secretary)

Pa Samba Johm

Alhaji Saibo Drammeh,

Cherno Baba Jallow

Alhaji Mamadou Sellou Jallow (Chairman)

Momodou Bilo Krubally


Gathering was opened by Wuyeh as is the norm. Wuyeh, on behalf of the Association, extended his sincere condolences to the bereaved families of Alhagie Mutarr Jallow and Tijan Jallow.


The chairman Alhaji Mamadou Sellou Jallow took the floor and reported on the donations collected on behalf of the Mosque roof project. He reported that a total of D106,600.00 was collected on the European side. The monies have been dispatched in two installments of D50,000.00 and D56,000.00 to the project Manager Dawda Sankareh overseeing the project on the ground. There is a balance of D600.00 still remaining. For the USA end, he remarked that he was in touch with Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang who is collecting funds from that end and would have them dispatched to The Gambia as soon as possible. Wuyeh reported that at the time of the meeting, he had at hand the sum of $530.00 minus $12.00 (bank transfer fee) leaving a total of $518.00. Wuyeh reported that he was still expecting some contributions to come in. He suggested waiting for those still yet to pay up and then to dispatch all the monies at the same time. Alhagi Mamadou Sellou Jallow suggested photos of the project be taken at different stages and to be forwarded to the executive.


The project is being completely administered by the BA project Manager. The mosque committee and elders are not directly involved in running the project. Local funds were mobilized by the Mosque committee but they were advised to keep their funds until later. Contributions are still coming in, and as a result, Alhagi Saibo suggested that we extend the collection until end of month (May).


On membership dues, Alhaji Saibo and others lamented on the lack of response from members they had contacted time after time. Suggestions were made for other executive members to help in contacting those who haven't paid yet. The spreadsheet showing all BA members, and particulraly those who haven't paid their 2011 dues yet, which MB Krubally made and forwarded to the executive mailing list, was to be forwarded again. Executive members were to plug in the phone numbers of the prospective members to be called.


Updating on medical supplies, Sellou expressed his appreciation to members for expressing their opinions on the list of items for the Basse Health Center. The total amount for the purchase of medical supplies for the Center was cut from D128,000 to around D48,000. The funds for the approved list have been relinquished to the project manager. Members re-iterated on the misuse of supplies that were donated last year. Memebers asked for more accountability this time.


Opinions were expressed as to what approach to take towards ensuring that these supplies reached the designated recipients, namely patients of the BHC. Members agreed on liaising with Dawda to identify someone in the health center to help in the monitoring of the donated items. And also, for Dawda and any other designated individual to be monitoring, on periodic bases, the usage of these supplies at the health center.


On Sports, the officer Ousainou krubally expressed his frustration over his Internet breakdown and bad telephone lines. Ous told the meeting that discussions were still ongoing to bring about a replay of the final between Manju and T-junction. He promised to keep the executive updated with any developments. Sellou reported that he had received all the jerseys for the Basse United FC Divisional team and he would liaise with the sports secretary. Che wondered if the executive could have a peek of those jerseys.


The president elaborated on his frustration about the treasurers. Suggestions were made and agreed upon that the president lay a plan B. Suggestions were made for a female to take up the vice presidency. She would be invited to fill the vacant vice-presidential slot. Two names were given out. Alhaji Sellou would contact one of them in the coming days.


Ousainou Krubally raised the issue of formally registering BA in the European Union. That the BA has still not been registered on the ground, in The Gambia, was also raised. Alhaji Sellou will be contacting Filly Sabally in Bajul as to the status of the registration of the Association on the ground.


Alhaji Sellou reported that he had had some discussion with a certain Alhagi Sorrie, a member of Basse Youth Association (BYA), who raised some issues about BA's personnel matters on the ground in Basse. Members chimed in and unanimously encouraged Alhaji Sellou to continue on with his initiative of engaging folks on the ground. He was told his outreach was a good thing but cautioned that BA has its agenda and that he should listen attentively to what the concerns of the folks on the ground were and then bring them to the attention of the executive.


The Education committee head Samba Johm reported that he had secured between 500 and 600 text-books on Maths, English, Social Studies, etc, for BA's proposed library at Koba Kunda primary school. It was agreed that the books be sent to Basse. Arrangements would be made to have the books in safe keeping here in the US or in The Gambia until the library initiative was fully and finally fleshed out.


Members suggested a general membership meeting. Actually, it was discovered that as of the last executive meeting, a general meeting had been slated for June 6th 2011.


The meeting took a little over three hours.


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