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What is the slient about ?

I might be away for so many weeks and can also be the reason for missing out so many informations about FOB. The fob forum have never been so dormant like this before and that is why I am asking what is the silent about? We have a wide and a huge membership brothers and sisiters , are we already throwing away all the good work done for the past few years?
I am only asking because my email account was not active from October 2015 until now and that could be the reason for missiing out the activities of the Association. WHAT ABOUT the 2016 proposal elections , are the any current development within the general membership and executive that we all need to know? I do know that renewal of membership fee for the 2016 are due again and we all have to do something about it. Folks, I am just concern about he future og the FOB and that is why I am asking all these questions. With since greetings to the FoB members.
Thank you.
Ousainou Krubally


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