Steering Committee Meeting - February 14, 2010.

02/15/2010 01:24


  1. Momodou Bilo Krubally (Chairperson),
  2. Cherno Baba Jallow,
  3. Pa Momodou L Joof,
  4. Haruna Farage,
  5. Bakary M Jallow,
  6. Ousainou Krubally,
  7. Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang (Secretary).


  1. Scholarship  
          - Update from Pa Joof.   
  2. Status on the Mosque “Womens” quarter project?
  3. Momentum – Why the silence and what can we do keep the momentum and pass it on to the new executive
  4. Executive transition plans
  5. MOU update
  6. Registration in the Gambia (see below)
  7. Election update (Results to be announced on Tuesday, February 16th 2010 or formalizing the inauguration on Thursday, February 18th 2010)
  8. AOB

As has been the tradition, Wuyeh was given the floor to open the Meeting. He started by thanking the attendants and urging them to be steadfast in encouraging members to renew their membership dues and encourage others to join the Association. MB, who was chairing the meeting started with the first topic on the Agenda.

Scholarship: Pa Joof reported that he was able to speak to the principals of the two primary schools, Koba Kunda and Saint Georges but was unable to get hold of the principal for Saint Josephs. Both express their appreciation of the initiative and were looking forward to further corporation. Mr. Joof has been liaising with Michael Secka who has been very instrumental in facilitating the entire process. Arrangements for the handing over of the funds are being discussed by Momodou Sellou Jallow, Michael Secka, the school authorities and the Governor’s office to be conducted as soon as possible. The sums of D2500.00 has been allocated for each of the three schools to be applied towards the school fees of some of the needy students, Each student will be allocated the sum of D15.00 per term for the period of one year totaling D45.00 per student per annum.

Mosque renovations: On the question of the “Status on the Mosque “Womens” quarter project”, Mr. Joof reported that he is looking forward to Sellou’s presence to see if he could help discuss with members/elders on the ground to try improving the conditions of the Toilets and Women’s wing. MB reiterated on that Sellou’s presence could be a blessing in disguise.

Momentum: MB raised question “Why the silence and what can we do keep the momentum and pass it on to the new executive”? Pa Joof said we should take time to acknowledge peoples contributions. He also suggested that we should have someone to volunteer to keep the public updated with what’s going on before the Executive takes office. Haruna Farage contributed that the transition from the Steering Committee to an Executive maybe a contributing factor but hoped with the coming up of the Executive committee things might pick up. MB feared his keen contributions could have been perceived as propaganda especially during this electoral process but affirmed that to be no excuse for the silence. Ousainou Krubally expressed his busy schedule for part of his silence but also had to transfer some of the responsibilities to Pa Joof to follow up thereby reducing his feedback. He was also giving support to sellou and others on the ground for a friendly foot match. Cherno Baba Jallow also acknowledged on the slow momentum, expressed on the importance of the website. More people have to chip in to get it going. On the overall members expressed concerns as to be strategic in our approaches and be cautious of what we say or do not to instigate fear and rendering others from participating. Further comments stated that the contributions on the Forum should be perceived as perceived as individual contributions geared towards bettering ourselves as an Association and should not be perceived to be directed to individuals or be seen to be personal.

MOU: MB reported that he had spoken to Abdoulie Cham and forwarded him and Momodou Sallieu Kamara via email a copy of the draft MOU document but is yet to receive any feedback.

Registration in the Gambia: On this issue, Haruna expressed that legal documents be properly looked into before finalizing on them because they become an authentic instrument that represent what we are dealing with. He urged for more time to be given to the Steering Committee or the Executive to further look into registration process and the requirements to ensure that they meet our expectations.

The Election Updates and Executive transition plans were discussed together. Members agreed to forward election results to all contestants and also make the results public on the website. The election results would be made available on Tuesday February 16, 2010 to all contestants and the Steering Committee for publication. The Steering Committee will come up with a statement to follow the results for formal handing over to the Elected Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is expected to take over on Thursday February 18, 2010.

AOB: Bakary suggested looking into facilitation the voting process for individuals who do not have electronic mail access or facilities in future Elections. Cherno Baba Jallow reported that Cherno Mbaila’s trip was on the process of being published. He was also working towards interviewing Momodou Sellou Bah the current Parliamentary representative of Basse. Pa Joof furnished us with the financial transactions conducted towards sponsoring the three schools in Basse. Receipts will be made accessible online on the website.


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