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02/02/2013 00:57

Sunday, January 27, 2013

From the Poll Officers

Poll Officers. Top: (l-r) Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang, Ousman Kamara. Bottom: (l-r) Haruna Farage,  Sarjo Bayang

Dear All,

Following the nomination process and after proper consultations with the prospective candidates, find attached below, the final list of candidates and the respective positions they are vying for. In some of the positions, there is only one candidate running; this is so because the other nominees for those positions didn't want to run at all or they decided to contest other positions of their liking.

Campaign will start off immediately until February 7, 2013.

Voting Process

From Friday February 8, 2013 voting proper begins, ending Friday 15 February 2013. During this period, all eligible voters will have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights to select the candidate of their choice. Voting will be done on the Internet and the eligible voters will be individually emailed a virtual ballot to enable them cast their vote. Voters are urged to check their junk/spam email boxes for receipt of their virtual ballots; or just so that the virtual ballots come directly into their IM boxes, they can now add the Polling Committee's email address, As before, the voting process will just be like the nominations except for the fact that in the former, the candidates would have already been identified.

Voting would be a matter of choosing out of an identified list of nominees by clicking on your desired candidate.

All results will be declared between Saturday 16 February 2013 and Sunday 17 February 2013 through our website and global listserv. A communiqué will be sent to each of the candidate to that effect.

On Monday 18 February 2013, the candidates will be inaugurated into office to take over their formal responsibilities as stipulated by the Constitution.

If there are any queries, the Poll Officers will be happy to respond in your best interest and satisfaction.

Please note that the email account for the Poll Officers is All correspondences should be directed to this address.

Thank you.

Poll Officers:

Haruna Farage (Chairman)

Ousman Kamara (Secretary)

Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang (Member)

Sarjo Bayang (Member)


Please find below the list of candidates:

Have any questions, doubts and concerns? Please email us at All correspondences should be directed to this address.


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