Selu Bah Attributes Defeat to Tribalism and Intra-party Fighting

04/03/2012 12:15

Sellu attributes defeat to tribalism & serious undermining
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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The defeated APRC candidate for the Basse Constituency in the just concluded National Assembly election has attributed his defeat to what he called ‘tribal politics’ and ‘serious undermining’ within the APRC by ‘so-called APRC top ranks’ in the region.

Honourable Sellu Bah, who lost to an independent candidate, was speaking to this reporter after the announcement of the results, which saw him lose by a wide margin. He said he has conceded defeat in good faith, while thanking and commending the president and party leader for once again having enough trust and confidence in him to select him to stand for the APRC in the Basse Constituency.

He said it was a surprise that the APRC lost in Basse, which is the administrative headquarters of the region. While resigning himself to the fact that it was God’s decision, he reiterated that the voting was based on tribal lines, looking at the results from the Serahule communities.

In his words: “The selection and campaign was marred by hurdles and to my surprise, the so-called top ranks of the party in the region will go with us for campaigning and when we come back, they will send word to those communities asking them to refuse.”

Bah, who was seeking a fourthfive year term in theAssembly, also recalled a meeting in Touba Tafsir village where one villager told the rally that the problem is within the ruling party supporters, as some are wolves in sheep clothing. “There was serious undermining and foul play within the party, which I will never forgive them and I know the party leader will not forgive them too,” he added.

He stressed that the fact that he was undermined is what pains him. “Election is just like a game but I see no reason why Basse Constituency seat should go to the opposition with all the socio-economic development taking place in Basse,” he lamented.

He added: “I have lost the election and if they think they did it to me then it is a big mistake because they don’t know what God and the party leader have in store. I will forever remain APRC until I die.” Asked whether he thinks the elected candidate will bring any change to the people,Bah replied in the negative, saying it is the government that brings development.

“The people have just created a job for him and not to bring development for them. In fact, this man has never been an APRC supporter, and I wonder how he applied under the APRC ticket in the first place. It was a few APRC top rankers in the region that identified him just to undermine me,” he said.

The ex-NAM declared that the people of Basse will ever be APRC, while suggesting that the president should weed out those he called ‘perpetrators in the party’.
Author: Alieu Ceesay in Basse, URR;Observer


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