SAFRA Opens in Tamba Counda

12/28/2011 13:08

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
The Senegalese minister of Maritime, Hureisi Cham Monday evening presided over the official opening of the annual SAFRA, a French acronym meaning “Week of friendship and fraternity” at the heart of Tamba Kunda in Senegal. The ceremony, which was attended by different governors of the different participating countries, mayor of Tamba Kunda, governor of Tamba Kunda, security chiefs, and contingents from the participating countries was preceded by a march-past and demonstration of typical African culture by the different countries.

SAFRA has been in existence for 30 years now and since inception has brought together people in the sub-region to participate in trade fairs, sports, cultural activities, and symposia in order to craft awareness and recognition at the proletariat for a greater community participation and involvement in the Ecowas integration progression of the sub-region.

Officially declaring the ceremony open on behalf of the Senegalese president, Minister Cham described the gathering as a move in the right direction of African integration, adding that it will go a long way in promoting peace and understanding among the citizens of the different countries within the sub-region. He also hailed the different countries for their participation in the event.  Wurry Bah, mayor of Tamba Kunda, thanked all those who in one way or the other made the event a reality. He also thanked the different governors for taking part in the event and assured of his support to SAFRA at all times.

In an interview with this reporter shortly after the ceremony, Omar Khan, the governor of the Upper River Region expressed delight at the manner in which the event was organised. He described the event as very important saying it will pave the way for African integration. He also thanked the people of Senegal for the warm welcome accorded to him and delegation.

Assembly of Governors of SAFRA
Governor Khan explained that they [governors] unanimously set up an Assembly of Governors of SAFRA and appointed the governor of Tamba Kunda, Leopold Wade, to coordinate next year’s SAFRA after which he will hand over to another governor. According to him, they also discussed a lot of things, among them, cross-border trade, border problems, as well as health issues across the borders. He added that they later came up with recommendations, which urged the different countries to look into it for timely implementation.
The Gambian delegation’s cultural troupe later in the night entertained the gathering.

SAFRA is made up of some Ecowas countries represented by their various regions that border each other. They are: The Gambia-Basse, Senegal-Tamba Kunda, Guinea Bissau-Gabou, Guinea Conakry-Boke, Mali-Kaye, Mauritania-Sylababeh and Burkina Faso-Bobo Dulasso as observers.
Author: Alieu Ceesay in Tamba Kunda, Senegal; Daily Observer



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