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05/11/2011 19:12



Leeds, UK. l-r: Yusupha Krubally, Assan Jaiteh, Bakary Manneh (Old-Pa Sonko), Kebba Jaiteh and Musa Sillah 

Leeds, UK: l-r: Kebba Jaiteh, Modou Musa Njie, Wuyeh Keita and Pa M. L. Joof 

 Basse. l-r: Ousainou Krubally, Dawda Sankareh, Jewru Krubally, X

At the Basse High Level football field: Renowned Basse football financier Furu Gomez, middle (white) and some spectators 

Warming up in Basse

 Loyalty to community: Basse youths work on road to Manneh Kunda

At a Gambian barbecue, Troy, Michigan, USA. Front, l-r: Alasan Camara and Cherno Baba Jallow. Back row: Ousainou Bah, first from left

Family ties runneth deep. Meeting in Detroit, Mutarr Jallow, left, and Cherno M. Jallow of Kansas City 

Always kind-hearted and friendly: Juldeh Jallow in Detroit

Still keeping the Basse connection alive, from Santa-su to Tubabu-du: Cherno Baba Jallow, left, and Ousman Kamara (Manna Ous), after Eid prayers, 2009 Tobaski, Detroit


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