Photo Essay/Basse Reunion, Dusseldorf, Germany

10/21/2012 11:27

Friday, October 12, 2012

At the recent Basse reunion in Germany, Basserians met up and mingled with their fellow Gambians and their German friends and families

Dateline:Volksgarten Central Park, Dusseldorf

L-r: Jainaba Jambang/Mansajang, Ousainou Krubally, Ah. Saibo Drammeh, Binta Ceesay, Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow, Musa Camara (Fullo), Aja Mariama Samassa Drammeh

A Donation: 5 euros from a Germany lady. l-r: Alhaji Saibo Drammeh, Alhaji Mamadou Sellou Jallow and Alhagie Jallow, Dortmund/Bansang

Musa Camara (Fullo), looking on

L-R: Alhaji Saibo Drammeh, Alhaji Mamadou Sellou Jallow and Ousainou Krubally

L-R: Alhaji Saibo Drammeh, Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow and Aja Mariama Samassa Drammeh

Standing l-r: Ousainou Krubally, Musa Camara (Fullo), Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow. Sitting l-r: Alhagie Jallow, Malang Saho (former Wuli PPP MP), Alh. Saibo Drammeh. Squatting: Binta Ceesay

For the Friends of Basse football team, Bangally Sillah of Bakadaji

The kids having their fun, too



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