Minutes of the September 27th conference call

10/04/2009 16:13

Teleconference, September 27, 2009

REASON: Deliberating on member suggestions and/or concerns on the Basse Association Constitution


MB Krubally (USA)
Bakary Jallow(USA)
Pa Joof (USA)
Mamadou Sellou Jallow (Holland)
Cherno Amadou B. Jallow (USA)
Yorro (Wuyeh) Sanyang (USA)
Ousainou Krubally (Germany)
Pa Samba Johm (USA)
Ousman Kamara (USA)
Mutarr Jallow (USA)
Alhajie Jabbi (Finland)
Nuha Touray (USA)
Fatoumatta Binta Jallow (USA)
Cherno Baba Jallow (USA)

Chairman: MB Krubally
Secretary: Cherno Baba Jallow


Yorro Sanyang opened the meeting, extending gratitude to the members of the Basse Association for the hard work and dedication being shown so far. Still, he asked for more efforts and dedication from all the membership.

Constitution: Changes and Additions Shown in Bold

ARTICLE I (Section I) Mission Statement: (A) It shall be called Basse Association, Inc. (BA), established to unify all descandants, residents, and well-wishers of the township of Basse, The Gambia, West Africa for the ultimate purpose of its development.  (B) The main objectives of Basse Association shall include, but not be limited to, the promotion of charity, education, recreation, and/or any other cultural and/or social activities for the advancement of Basse.

ARTICLE III: Meetings: Quorum changed from 50 plus 1 to a Simple Majority.

ARTICLE IV: Executive Officers: New positions added: Assistant Secretary & Assistant Chief Financial Officer. Audit Certification: Audits to be certified by a trusted member of the Board of Directors not actively holding any executive position.

ARTICLE V: Projects: Local businesses in Basse shall be given first consideration by way of tender for any work contracted with the Basse Association.

ARTICLE VI: Nominations, Elections and Term Limits: Self-nominations acceptable, but must be supported by another member of the Basse Association to certify eligibility for electoral contest.

ARTICLE VII: Dissolution:The Basse Association shall be dissolved if 95% of the membership withdrew their membership.


Miscellaneou Items

- Yorro Sanyang suggested having a legal expert examine the Constitution before final ratification. The membership suggested Haruna Farage, who is currently working on the Rwandan War Crimes Tribunal in Tanzania. Alternatively, should Mr. Farage not be in the position to do the legal reviewing, it was suggested that he find somebody else in his legal field to do so.

- Cherno Baba Jallow suggested having another page on the website for the names of non-active members so they don't feel left out. There was no agreement.

- Alhagie Jabbi raised the idea of increasing the membership fee. "It was too small," he said. The proposal wasn't adopted.

- The membership debated on the merits of a "High School" education as a criterion for executive leadership. Ousainou Krubally, Mutarr Jallow and Alhagie Jabbi stressed on capability and dedication. There was no clear-cut consensus on this matter.

- It was agreed that contacts with members of the Basse central mosque committee be intensified to get a better idea on the current works being done on the mosque and on what could the Basse Association do to complement the efforts on the ground. Mutarr Jallow, Samba Johm and Cherno Baba Jallow were charged with the responsibility to talk to the relevant parties in Basse and report to the general membership by the next meeting.

- Pa Joof announced that the Basse Association was being currently registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The registration process wasn't finished yet as of the last meeting.



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