Poll Officers' Meeting - November 29th, 2009

12/09/2009 01:55

Basse Association Official Elections


Sarjo Bayang   –     Chairperson

Haruna Farage –    Constitutional Adviser

Y0rro Sanyang –     Moderator

Ousman Kamara – Commission Secretary


(1) Commission’s Terms of Reference TOR

(2) Mode of Nominations

(3) Criteria for Selection of Candidates

(4) Communication results for nomination and final Election Results

(5) AOB

The meeting started with Sarjo acknowledging and encouraging everyone in our efforts and expressed optimism in the future. We all acknowledged each other by what is best embraced a reunion. Sarjo began with a question about our Terms of Reference TOR and what is our task entails. Wuyeh intervened by signposting the constitution as our term source of authority from which our terms of reference derives. He further drew in that our major task is to organize and for conducting the forth coming elections.

Concerning mode of nominations the group agreed on releasing a statement announcing and inviting nominations to fill various positions of the executive body. This statement provides of how the nomination will be conducted. We also agreed on accepting nominations from 7th to 31st December 2009.

Elections are slated to be held February 8th to 15th 2010. The time window was created to enable the polling officers consult with nominees and among themselves. It is agreed this will also allow for any unforeseen problems to be addressed .The polling officers considered the task ahead large considering the composition and resources of this organization. We intend to overcome any obstacles that may come along the way.

Regarding communications, Sarjo suggested to have a group email wherein the board can monitor nominations as we go. This according to him will be done in a way we would be able put numbers behind these nominations to create an icon where the general public is able to vote. The process will be monitored by the polling officers. Wuyeh suggested taking it up with the web master, Pa Joof. He (Wuyeh) asked if details of the process will be seen by all the membership and Sarjo replied that information will be for polling officers' use. It is thus agreed that all results will be made public after they are reviewed and confirmed by the polling officers.

The mode of selecting nominees was brain stormed. We understood that elections can breed unwanted or unforeseen rivalry but we wanted maximum participation and a positive outcome for everybody. We also observed the possibility of one office having too many nominees than needed. Haruna suggested the option of primaries be held in the form of runoffs for such positions. We reached a general consensus on that suggestion.

To cater for prospects of rivalry and unhealthy competition we thought it wise to play the role of moderators where necessary. The board we agreed will consult and engage in discussions with nominees who can’t make it to the final elections to take up other positions of interest.  Where necessary run-offs will be considered but the board chooses working hard enough to make this election a positive one for all. We also know that there is a possibility of one office receiving too many nominees while another office is blank or with only one nominee. We agreed to act again as moderators and to engage the nominees and suggest reshuffling. This, the board agreed will be done with honesty and integrity at best. Every action or decision will be in accordance with best interest of the membership and will be made public.

Under AOB, Haruna announced going to the Gambia and might not be able to conference talk while there. We agreed to keep him in touch by email. However Sarjo saw this as an opportunity to have a representative of the polling officers on the ground in Basse. He suggested Haruna as serving role of special envoy,  and we all concurred. The board agreed meeting again during intervals. The mode of elections will be discussed next meeting. Meanwhile consultations will remain in force as Wuyeh discusses with Pa the options possible electronically. 


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