Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting, June 10, 2012

06/20/2012 14:55

Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting, Sunday, June 10, 2012.

In attendance:

Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow

Ousainou Krubally

Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang

Pa Joof

Mamadou Salieu Jallow

Alh. Saibo Drammeh

Cherno B. Jallow

Mutarr Jallow

Chairman/Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow

Secretary/Cherno B. Jallow

Medium: Teleconference

Ablution Project: What Now?

Sellou wondered what to do with the remainder of the money (approximately D12000) for the ablution project at the Basse central project. He said, from his observation and after talking to project manager Dawda Sankareh, the mosque committee would find it difficult to pay the water bills in the future. (The ablution project consists of taps and a suck-a-way.) Sellou suggested using the money to finish up the latrines already begun at the mosque. He said he was concerned about the lack, or inadequate supply, of, toileting facilities at the mosque.

Saibo questioned why the ablution project was still pending; he recalled that it was agreed that Dawda go ahead and find qualified workers to finish up the work as the previous contractors had not done a superb job.

Cherno asked Sellou if he had a meeting with Dawda about what the Basse-based BA project manager thought about the ablution project and Sellu said Dawda’ feeling was that the mosque was already facing difficulty in paying its water bills.

Mutarr asked Sellou what his opinion was after visiting the project site during his recent visit to Basse and Sellou said he thought it was better to fix the toilets with the remainder of the money.

Ousainou said it was going to be difficult for Dawda to find the workers who will be acceptable to the mosque committee. Coordinating efforts with the mosque committee have not been easy.

Cherno advised that the ablution project be finished and not to jump onto another one. He said the latrines are being financed by someone else and that the project was started without the input of the Basse Association.

Wuyeh agreed that it was proper to finish the ablution project, make sure the taps are working; there are tiles and a good drainage system and then do an official handing-over. End of story. Mutarr is the point man for the ablution project. He will report to the executive within a week.

BA-sponsored Trophy Final Replay

Ousainou said a replay of the BA-sponsored final between Manju and T-JunctionTrophy had still not taken place. The trophy and money are still intact. He reported that T-Junction has been boycotting the match replay.

Saibo said his feedbacks from some quarters in Basse indicated some willingness for the BA to take over the matter and decide on its own. Ousainou countered that he alsohad been aware of those recommendations but he cautioned that those were private suggestions and were not reflective of the general mass in Basse.

Ousainou, as Sports Secretary, is to give a recommendation to the executive within two weeks after final consultations with Basse sporting officials.

Election/Mandates/Membership Dues

Saibo suggested the last election committee headed by Wuyeh to take over the elections for a new executive.

Wuyeh asked the executive to review those who are active/dues-paying members and non-active. It is upon the executive to find out who are eligible/paying members to be able to be members of the election committee.

Pa suggested sending out reminders to all the polling officers/executive members about their payment situation to be able to take part in the election process.

Wuyeh complained about breakdown in communication with the Basse front. He said some people in Basse had paid in 2009 but their names were not published on the website

Cherno said he thought it was announced that there was a list of payees but then the money collected never got to the BA. Wuyeh said some of the money did indeed get to the association; it was used for some BA activities in Basse.

Pa said he publishes names of payees only after there has been confirmation from the association account holders. He said he cannot just put names of people when there is no confirmation that the money had been deposited into a BA account be it in the US or Europe or in The Gambia.


- Fundraising/Basse reunions: Europe side to be headed by Saibo. And US, Wuyeh.

- Educational support: Sponsorship to shift from the elementary level to the higher level where lack of financial support is crucial.

Sellou is in charge of this imitative for BA scholarship for secondary education to begin in the next academic year in September.

He will contact Dawda and Michael Secka in Basse to coordinate the sponsorship issue.


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