Executive Meeting - March 7th, 2010

03/07/2010 20:42

1st Executive Committee Meeting

Attendees: Mutarr Jallow, Pa Joof, Cherno B. Jallow, Ous Krubally, Samba Johm, Alhagie Saibo Drammeh and Momodou Krubally

Chariperson: Pa Joof

Secretary: Momodou Krubally


1. Introduction & Confirmation of Executive Committee Members

2. Update on the mosque

  • a.      The proposed rehabilitation of women’s section
  • b.      Redevelopment of the toilets

3. Should we go ahead with the selection  of sub-committees  

  • a.     Fund-Raising Committee
  • b.     Project Management Committee
  • c.     Finance Committee

4.  Ideas on Fund-Raising initiatives and strategies

5.  Schedule a general membership meeting

6. AOB


Introduction & Confirmation of Executive Committee Members

Mr. Pa Joof opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees.  He stated that BA was running smooth and starting to make some impact.  The scholarship program has taken off well with lots of good feedback from members and the Basse community.  He continued that the next project will be focused on the women’s section of the Basse central mosque.  He asked for patience from the membership base adding that he was determined to keep us going.  He asked for guidance as he leads us and encourages feedback to ensure that he stays on track. 

Formal self introduction of the new executives continued with Mutarr thanking the Steering Committee for a job well done.  He urged the new executive to take on their new roles and do their best by “emulating the good side of the western world”.  Mr. Johm added that we are all capable of playing our roles with caution that we should work as a team and always remember to be civil towards each other. 

Mr. Ousinou Krubally added that he was happy the people have finally spoken by electing a body to lead the group.  Ous suggested that we move on the projects and get things done.  He closed by stating that “global communication is not easy but we can do it”. 

Mr. Cherno B. Jallow (Che) stated that he was very happy with how well the executive members were well-spread-out into different regions.  He suggested that “we keep our eyes on the ball”.  Che added that we have learned a lot and should keep moving on by encouraging an uninterrupted dialog. 

Momodou Krubally commented that we have already set huge expectations and there is no turning back now.  He recommitted his support and wiliness to help keep the association moving forward.  He added that we should always be civil with one another no matter how heated the debate gets.

As for the remaining executive members, Pa Joof will be reaching out to them to inform them of their elected positions and if they are willing to take office.    

 Update on the Mosque

Attempts have been made to reach Sellou Jallow on the ground to give us an update on the mosque project without success.  Pa stated that he did receive information that there are no toilets in the mosque bathrooms.  He also stated that there were no floor tiles or rugs in the women’s quarters.  Mutarr suggested that we conduct a cost-base analysis first before deciding on which project to take on.  He also suggested that we work on finding the right person on the ground to ensure the success of our projects. 

It was agreed upon to work with a local business man that can hopefully help us on the ground.  A few local businessmen were mentioned and Pa Joof will contact Abdourahman to see if he is interested in working with us on the ground.  He will notify us of his findings.  The setup will be such that the particular businessperson will supply us material as needed after which we will send payments. The representative will work with a selected project management committee member on the ground and Michael Secka is the one of the people being currently looked at.  Che will contact Michael to see if he is interested in working with us.    

 Selection  of sub-committees

The agenda suggested that we look into setting up a Fundraising Committee, a Project Management Committee and Finance Committee.  Alh. Saibo Drammeh, Wuyeh Sanyang, Ous Krubally, Cherno B. Jallow and Momodou Krubally volunteered to take on the fundraising committee responsibilities.  Members will be contacted to help run the other two committees at the general meeting.  The fundraising committee encourages members to send in suggestions and ideas on how to raise funds.  They will meet and notify the rest of their plans on how to raise funds for the association. 

 Scheduling a General Meeting:

It was agreed upon to hold off on a general meeting until we get better information on future projects and the confirmation of the remaining executive members. 

The meeting was adjourned with the agreement to have another executive meeting in the next few weeks before setting a date for a general meeting.  


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