It Takes a Village to Really Dance - A Photo Report on Sare Mamoudu

12/28/2011 09:50

Thursday December 8, 2011

It Takes a Village to Really Dance

Last year, the ONE GAMBIA film crew, accompanied by Charles Baldeh of Radio Basse, visited Sare Mamoudu to document a circumcision ceremony. It was a splendid affair. Culture and beauty combined to give the memory of a lifetime. "It was nice ... the clapping and dancing was really cultural," remembers Pa Momodou Njie, who was on the trip.

In Sare Mamoudu, they huddled around, danced and clapped to the cadence of Riti rhythms. Their fanfare was typical of circumcision ceremonies in towns and villages across rural Gambia.

Sare Mamoudu: At a Quick Glance

  • Located in Fulladu East District, Upper River Region
  • About 20 minutes west of Basse
  • Nestled near the villages of Kanubeh and Nafugan along the South Bank highway
  • Population: 250 (Estimates)

All Photos: By ONE GAMBIA

The One Gambia Film Crew: Gamo Kebbeh, Isatou Faye (Basserian), Saihou Fatty

Pa Momodou Njie - Publisher, One Gambia

Gamo Kebbeh (l) and Pa Modou Bah: Building Ties With Their Hosts

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