General Meeting Minutes

09/13/2015 17:00


NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the high amount of callers and the inability to identify all, we were not able to comply a complete list.  Approximately thirty (30) people participated in the meeting based on list of phone numbers on the local lines and Skype.

Date& Time: 09/13/15 @ 17:00 GMT


·         Welcome and opening prayers

.         Financial Update

·         New Project Proposal(s)

.         Ramadan Project Report

·         A Member's Concern and Suggestion

.         Open Discussion/round table

·         Next Executive and General Meeting

Welcome and opening prayers:

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Mr. Cherno Baba Jallow and a brief statement from Mr. Wuyeh Yoro Sanjang. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Amadou Basiru Jallow.

Financial Update:

The financial update was given by Mr. Mamadou Salieu Jallow, the Chief Financial Officer. He reported that the association is in the process of closing the account with Standard Chartered bank and has opened one with the Arab Gambian Islamic Bank in the Gambia. Also, he mentioned that it was agreed to transfer the balance in the Holland account to the U.S account. However, he stated that the transfer has not been completed yet.  Mr. Pa Joof promised to reach out to Alhagie Sellu Jallow to clarify few things before he completes the transfer process.

Mr. Mamadou Salieu Jallow reported the following balances: Gambia: D125, 735.81 (this balance is an approximation and includes the Ramadan project balance); the U.S. $5203.81.

Mr. Jallow mentioned that members in the United Kingdom and Europe in general can now pay their membership dues via PayPal or send their payments to the Gambia or U.S.

New Project Proposal(s):

The projects proposed by the participants include:

-         Buying a set of  Jerseys for the Basse Safra team

-         Sponsoring a Symposium during the Safra

-         Educate a Child

Mr. Kawsu Sillah said that he think that buying a set of Jerseys for the Basse Safra team was a good idea but wondered what Mr. Ousainou Krubally thought since he is the elected member in charge of that sector. Mr. Krubally said that he would be happy to look into it by contacting the representatives responsible for the Basse Safra Team. However, he said that football in Basse is very complicated nowadays and wondered whether in would be money and time well spent. He will report back to the executive team at or before the next executive meeting.

Mr. Bakary Jallow also suggested that the association can look into supporting the schools' sporting teams as an alternative to the town's football sector.  

Mr. Sillah also suggested that we can look into fulfilling Mr. Hassan Touray's suggestion of sponsoring a Symposium in Basse several meetings ago - during the Safra.

One of the suggestions that seemed to resonate with majority of the participants was the "Educate a Child" proposal.  The association had sponsored about 150 elementary school children in the past. Therefore, this proposal would build up on that. However, the way the proposal is put forward, is such that the association will identify financially needy and academically deserving students and seek donations from members who wish to sponsor them. The members can also be link with the students. The details are still in the works.  The proposal is in its infancy stage. Details will be communicated. The committee responsible for this project will be chaired by Mr. Pa Joof. Several participants expressed interest in joining the committee. Among them are: Mr. Modou Barrow, Mr. Sulayman Jallow, and Mr. Majidi Jallow.

Mr. Cherno Baba Jallow suggested that Mr. Mamadou Salieu Jallow (Bala) of Sweden to be consulted for membership interest in joining the committee.

Ramadan Project Report:

Mr. Amadou Basiru Jallow questioned the status of the publication of the Ramadan project report. Mr. Kawsu Sillah apologized for the delay and promised to complete the report as soon as possible and forward it for publication.

A Member's Concern and Suggestion:

One of the members sent out an e-mail to the general mailing list concerned about the activities of the president outside the association and suggested that it would be best if he step-down (resign) and serve in an unelected role.  This was discussed extensively by some members via e-mail but was officially suggested to be discussed at this general meeting.

The discussion was very engaging and emotionally charged as one would expect. Some mentioned that they wish that the concern was first addressed with the president or the executive team before engaging the general membership. However, others stated that there was nothing wrong with initiating the discussion via the general mailing list.

Mr. Wuyeh Y. Sanyang said that he understood the concerns but warn that it would be unrealistic to say that executive members of the association should not engage in certain activities in their private lives. He also expressed his delight in following the e-mail dialogue but said he was unhappy with the name calling that took place. He warned that we should avoid the name-calling and focus on the issue being discussed.

In a nutshell, the participants expressed the need to move ahead and use this incident as a learning opportunity. It was agreed that since the president did not violate the constitution of the association, he should continue to serve his term.

Mr. MB Krubally suggested that we may need to look into amending the constitution. He warned that we should be careful in calling for elected members to resign.

Open Discussion/Round Table:

Alhagie Saibo Drammeh said that he needed the space occupied by the thirty(30) computers donated to the association by an organization in Germany. He said that he was unable to sell them as agreed.  It was agreed that this issue will be discussed at the next executive meeting.

Mr. Kawsu Sillah reported that the Tumana Association for Development (TAD) has not picked up the computer that was donated to them by FoB. He said that they promised to pick it up but has not done so yet.

Next Executive and General Meeting:

The next executive and general meetings will be scheduled. A communication will be sent out as soon as the details are finalized.

The meeting took 3 hours and was closed with a prayer by Mr. Cherno Baba Jallow.


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