Executive Meeting

08/09/2015 22:17


Alhagie Sey

Abubakarr Krubally

Bakary Jallow

- Amadou Basiru Jallow

Hassan Touray

Maimuna Sey

Pa. M. Joof

Sulayman Jallow

- Momodou B. Krubally

Date & Time: 08/09/15 @ 17:00 GMT


·         Welcome
and opening prayers

.        Ramadan

·         Next

.         Request Letter

·         Open
Discussion/round table

·         Next
Executive and General Meeting

and opening prayers:

meeting was opened with a prayer by Mr. Amadou Basiru Jallow while Mr. MB
Krubally chaired it.

Ramadan Project:

It was agreed that a detailed report of
the Ramadan Project will be compiled and publish on the association's website as
soon as possible. This will include the financial transactions of the Ramadan
project. The videos taken during distribution will be uploaded onto YouTube and
links will be provided on the association's website.

 Mr. Abubakarr Krubally, a member of the
project implementation team on the ground, reports that the people on the ground
were very appreciative of the support. He encourages the executive team to keep
the Ramadan Project fundraising ongoing in order to raise more funds and extend
support to more neighboring villages next year.


 Mr. Bakary Jallow was encouraged to reach
out to Mr. Wuyeh Y. Sanyang as a member of the election committee, to discuss
the committee's plans for next election (early next

Mr. Hassan Touray encourages the current
executives to put together documentations that will facilitate the jobs of the
incoming executive. These documents should be handed over during inauguration.


 Tumana Association for Development (TAD), a
charitable organization in URR, sent in a letter requesting support from FoB.
The executive members in attendance at this meeting all had the opportunity of
reading the letter ahead of the meeting. The meeting attendance agreed to donate
one (1) desktop computer set, upon consultation with Mr. Kawsu Sillah, the
project manager on the ground, and confirmation of the availability of the
computer. Mr. Sillah will send and official reply on behalf the executive team
and make arrangement for delivery.

The attendees also discussed the need for
a broader discussion on putting in place a standard protocol of reviewing and
authorization/denial of future request(s) that the association may receive. This
will be discussed in the next executive meeting.

Open Discussion/Round

Mr. MB Krubally reported that the Bansang
Association is holding a fundraising event in New York in the near future. He
encourages Mr. Pa. Joof to reach out to Mr. Cherno Baba Jallow and work out a
plan to represent FoB at the event.

Mr. Hassan Touray suggested that a
consultation with Mr. Kawsu Sillah be made, in order to identify possible
activities in the community that the association can partake in. Some
participants suggested that the field of sports is a good place to start since
the SAFRA is scheduled to take place in December of this year. The suggestions
for the SAFRA include: FoB providing the soccer balls, a set of team jerseys
with the FoB logo for the Basse team; organizing symposium, etc. Mr. Joof
suggested that the association try to diversify into other aspects of community
development such as education, for example.

An extensive discussion was made with
regards to the need for an office on the ground. Participants expressed the
importance of renting a place in town while simultaneously pursuing land
allocation request from the authorities on the ground. The issue of financial
sustainability of a rented office was raised. However, suggestions on how to
overcome those issues were offered, such as selling things in the office to help
cover expenses. Mr. MB. Krubally reported that work is being done on the
background to secure an office in Basse. He hopes that an office space will be
secured in the near future. Securing an office in Basse is a top priority of the
current executive and we believe that getting a piece of land in Basse is
crucial for the future of the association and a step in the right

Next Executive and General

The next executive will be schedule. A
communication will be sent out as soon as the details are finalized. The next
general meeting is scheduled for August 30, 2015.

The meeting took about 1.5 hours and was
closed with a prayer by Amadou Basiru Jallow.


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