Executive Meeting - September 26th, 2010

10/01/2010 18:51

B.A inc. Executive meeting Minutes: Teleconference

Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Chairperson: Pa Joof

Secretaries: M.B. Krubally

Attendees: Momodou Sellou Jallow, Saibo Drammeh, Ousainou Krubally, Wuyeh Sanyang, Muhtarr Jallow.

Note: A few of the members initially had trouble dialing in due to reason we cannot explain.  They were however able to dial in about thirty minutes into the meeting. 


  • Formal opening of the meeting
  • The President Mr. Pa Joof’s – update on the status of BA
  • Updates of project (Linen project, Naweetan, Mosque )
  • BA registration in The Gambia (suggested names to register in the Gambia)
  • Account and membership dues forwarding to the Gambia (suggestion)
  • BA – Financial report (keeping petty cash in the Gambia)
  • AOB

Pa- Opened the meeting with routine greetings, and invited Wuyeh to give us some words of wisdom as he always does.   

Wuyeh – Welcomed the meeting attendees and congratulated the team for the good job they are doing and encouraged all to continue on their current efforts. He invited Pa Joof back to chair the meeting. 

Pa Joof – Continued that BA is doing well but a bit off track due to the Ramadan that just ended.  He urged the executive members to get back on track and get the projects going.  At this point he invited MB Krubally to touch on the current linen project under way.  MB yielded to Ous Krubally who was challenged with time because he had to go to work in forty-five minutes. 

Ous Krubally – Commented that the first round of the Naweetan had just ended and that they are about to start the second rounds soon.  He continued that he is working with the folks on the ground to register a Basse team in the 3rd Division.  He notified us that they were looking into names like Fulladu or Fankanta. Ous added that this was not an easy task but they are hard at work and do hope to complete it hopefully soon. 

Pa Joof – Objected to the two names and suggested that we go look for more options.

Wuyeh – Added that we look for a name that will represent the whole Basse area not just Fulladu. 

Alh. Saibo Drammeh – Suggested that we use the website and have the membership help us come up with a name. 

MB Krubally – Took on the Linen project topic since Alh. Sellou Jallow was having trouble dialing into the meeting.  He commented that the linen project was going well.  The items have reached Basse and they have been tailored to fit the hospital size beds.  MB stated that Alh. Sellou had informed him that the tailoring cost was in the amount of about D700.00.  He added that Dawda Sankareh, Filly Sabbally and Hassan Touray were working on setting a good date for the presentation to the Basse Health Center.  MB commended the efforts of our team on the ground.  The team has done a good job in keeping us posted on the project.  He encouraged the rest of the executives to acknowledge them, thus motivate them to continue the good work.

Wuyeh – Commented on the mosque project.  He stated that the project is at a standstill due to some disagreement between the contractor and our representative Dawda Sankareh.  The two parties he added seemed to be in disagreement about payment.  Alh. Kaw Yero Cham has been contacted but his impression was that he thought the reason for the work stoppage was due to fun depletion. Wuyeh notified us that beyond the payment issue, the material needed to complete the project are: two packs of corrugate sheets, twenty stick of bamboo and seven iron rods. 

Ous Krubally – Commented that his understanding is that the contractors had received all but the D3000 remaining and giving them that amount without the completion of the project is not a smart idea.  There appears to be a serious disagreement between the two. 

Wuyeh – Came in and added that the structure is almost completed.  Pa Joof added that all that is left is the roofing and the tiling.  He advised against using the area until it is fully completed. 

M.B.Krubally – Suggested that we seek assistance from our delegation from Banjul heading to Basse for the linen project presentation to see if they can mediate and help resolve the matter.  MB will reach out to Hassan and Filly to see if they can help.   

Alh. Saibo Drammeh – At this point suggested that we add Mr. Hassan Touray in the executive mailing list to better prepare him to help us on the ground. This was unanimously agreed upon. 

Alh. Sellou – Was finally able to dial in.  He confirmed the D700.00 cost for the sheets and he stated that he planned on sending the funs to Dawda the following day. 

Mutarr Jallow – Agreed on adding Hassan Touray to the executive. 

Registering BA in the Gambia – After a short discussion, it was agreed for MB to work with Haruna and the team on the ground to help register BA in the Gambia.  The green light was given with the understanding that the team might have to add some sort of name before the name Basse Association to be able to register it in the Gambia.  Current suggestions are to go with the name The Basse Association and see if that will work.  MB will keep the executive members of developments and before any changes are made.  Overall, the team will take the necessary steps to help register BA in the Gambia. 

Wuyeh – Suggested that we have the team also work on the MOU with the associations on the ground. 

Alh. Sellou – Suggested that we work on registering BA as a separate entity first before engaging into another MOU discussion.  This was agreed upon by all. 

Accounts and Dues On the issue of registering BA in the Gambia (suggestion)

M.B.Krubally – Suggested that we look into giving members without representatives in their area the options to send their payments to the Gambia if that was easier for them.  After a short discussion, it was agreed upon to keep the structure as is until we have a running and stronger group on the ground. 

Mutarr Jallow – Likes the idea but warned again promoting it right now until we work out the logistics and possibly until BA gets stronger on the ground.  He suggested we give the folks on the ground support as needed. 

Alh. Sellou – Brought up the issue of lack of activity on the website.  He invited suggestions on what can be done to get the site updated with new information.

M.B.Krubally – Suggested that the executive take on that task.  He suggested for executive members to take turn in writing articles or coming up with a topic to be discussed on the website on a weekly basis.  This was agreed upon.  MB will send out an email with detail information on how the program should work.  It was also agreed upon to purchase a reasonably priced digital camera to send to Basse.  The goal here is to get new pictures of Basse, the surrounding village.  This will hopefully increase traffic on the website. 

Alh. Sellou  – Has agreed to look into the camera and will update the group as soon as he finds something reasonable that we can purchase and ship back home.  Once the camera is shipped we will find a good representative that can help take the pictures and work with Hassan Touray to send them to the webmaster to publish.   



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