Executive Meeting Minutes - Sunday, March 10, 2013

03/11/2013 22:08


Participants via Skype:

Alh. Saibo Drammeh

Alh. Sellou Jallow

Secretary - Amadou Basiru Jallow

Bakary Jallow

Cherno Baba Jallow

Filly Sabally

Haruna Farage

Kawsu Sillah

Maimuna Sey

Mamadou Salieu Jallow

Chairman - Momodou B. Krubally

Mutarr Jallow

Ousainou Krubally

Pa Joof

Date & Time: 3/10/13 @ 16:00 GMT


·         Welcome and opening prayers

·         Financial Update

·         Welcome the new officers Transitions/Advisory Committee Set up

·         Basse Marathon

·         Membership Drive

·         Open Discussion/round table

·         Next General Meeting and Meeting in Basse and Banjul


Welcome and opening prayers:

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Mr. Cherno B. Jallow while Mr. MB Krubally chaired it.

Financial Update:

The financial update was presented by the chief financial officer, Mr. Mamadou Salieu Jallow.  He related that the U.S.A account has a balance of $2,987; the U.K account has £160; the Holland account has €125. Mr. Ousainou Krubally confirmed having a balance of €100 in his possession. The €70 came from Alh. Saibo Drammeh while the €30 is Mr. Krubally’s membership dues. He promised to transfer the €100 into the Holland account as soon as possible.  Mr. Jallow made it known that the Holland account has a monthly recurring fee of €3. He also mentioned that for those in the U.K having difficulty depositing their membership dues in the Royal Bank of Scotland can do so by visiting any Halifax branch office in the U.K.

For the account in the Gambia, Mr. Filly Sabally confirmed a total balance of D18,860. In an effort to minimize the bank fees in the Gambia, it was agreed that Mr. Sabally will consult with the bank for a Savings account if possible. In the event that the Savings account is not a possibility, he will consult with other banks to find out their rates.

Mr. Sabally suggested sending the monthly bank statement to the chief financial officer, Mr. Jallow. The suggestion was welcomed. However, Mr. Jallow also requested that the monthly statement be forwarded to the auditor as well. Mr. Sabally accepted the request.

Welcome the new officers Transitions/Advisory Committee Set up:

The transition in the Gambia was discussed. It was agreed that Alh. Saibo, Alh. Sellou, Maimuna and the rest on the ground to ensure a prompt and smooth transition. Alh. Saibo averred that the transition will be prompt and smooth. Alh. Saibo also promised to schedule a town hall meeting and look into a radio broadcast of the election results and the changes in place. Mr. Cherno B. Jallow on the issue of the radio broadcast expressed that “it’s always a good thing when we have 30 minutes of airtime.”

On the issue of maintaining the executive mailing list as is, Mr. Farage stated that it’s always a privilege to be invited to attend the executive meeting to give advice. However, he advised, that the decision is left to the current executive to decide because the power is vested in them as elected officials. At the end, it was agreed that the executive mailing list be left as is (that is to include old executives). This will encourage more participation from the old executives. And, the new executives can always learn from the wisdom of the old executives. The advisory committee issue was not discussed.

Basse Marathon:

The Sports and Cultural Officer, Mr. Ousainou Krubally agreed to spearhead the marathon committee that will include the executive members on the ground and Mr. Hassan Touray among others. Mr. MB krubally will forward us an e-mail from Mr. Touray that will give us a sense of what the marathon budget will look like.

The marathon committee is expected to reach out to the local businesses that may be interested in sponsoring the event.

Membership Drive:

Alh. Sellou requested that Mr. Sillah to reach out to some of the folks on the ground who had pledge to pay their membership dues. Mr. Sillah promised to reach out to these folks as soon as he returns from his trip.

For the U.S, Mr. Cherno B. Jallow expressed his disappointment for lack of participation from his fellow Basserians  in the U.S especially those in Michigan. However, he promised to forward the contact information of those he has to Mr. MB Krubally who will reach out to them.  It was reported that some Basserians in the Gambia have expressed worry about social media involvement as a reason for lack of participation.

Open Discussion/round table:

Mr. MB Krubally suggested that Mrs. Hulay Jallow-Ceesay of Kansas, U.S.A be invited to future executive meetings to encourage female participation. His suggestion was accepted. Therefore, he will reach out to Mrs. Jallow-Ceesay on that note.

Mr. Pa Joof suggested that Friends of Basse(FB) try partnering with businesses to increase value of the association. He also suggested that FB find a way to link schools together. This, he said can be started at the elementary level.

The idea of business partnership was well received. In fact, Alh. Saibo and Mr. Mutarr Jallow, all business owners, expressed their desire to work with FB in that regard. Alh. Saibo Drammeh as the Fund raising officer was asked to explore this avenue.

Mr. Mutarr Jallow reiterated the importance of a prompt and smooth transition on the ground. He suggested three steps to follow in this process:

-         Close all pending projects.

-         Request a report on all cash transfers.

-         Obtain records on all pending and completed projects.

Next General Meeting and Meeting in Basse and Banjul:

A general meeting will be scheduled. A communication will be sent out as soon as the details are finalized.

The meeting was closed with a prayer by Mr. Cherno B. Jallow. The meeting lasted a little over 2 hours.


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