Executive Meeting - March 14th, 2010

03/14/2010 21:49

 BA. Inc Executive Meeting March 14, 2010

Attendees: Pa Joof (Chairperson), M.B Krubally & Bakary M. Jallow (Secretary), Ousainou Krubally, Yorro Sanyang, Pa Samba Johm, Mutarr Jallow.

Medium: Teleconference


12:00 - 12:15     Grace period/Greetings
12:15 - 13:00     1.  Mosque's project - Women's section & Bathrooms?
                                      - 1st Phase - How much should we start with?
13:00 - 13:20    2.  Fundraising proposals/initiatives
13:20 - 12:40    3.  Registration? So to establish accounts as BA titled.
                                      -   Gambia - discuss about the issues at hand
                                      -   US - move forward with opening an account under BA titled?
                                      -   Europe - when should we move forward with this region?
 12:40 - 12:50    4.  Proposal/feedback on sponsoring the summer Nawettan?
 13:50 - 14:00    5.  A.O.B.


Grace Period/Greetings

Yorro Sanyang was given the floor to open the meeting by the Chairperson. Mr. Sanyang started by welcoming members and also thanked them for their commitment and sacrifice. He stated, it is a big task that is ahead of all of us but it is a task that is doable. He advised executive members to listen to each other and embrace unity as that is the only way forward.

Mosque’s women wing project:

Pa Joof updated members regarding his contact with Abdourahman Jallow in Basse. He told members that Abdourahman has accepted to work with B.A. Inc on the ground to accomplish the proposed projects.

Ous went on to say that he could not get in touch with Alh Sellou due to his busy schedule. Alh. Sellou was unable to travel to Basse as planned because of the country-wide “set-settal” that took place last Saturday.

Pa will follow-up with Cherno Baba and Michael H. Secka regarding the estimates requested by members during the last meeting. Pa suggested executing the mosque project by phases. This was seconded by Ous and the rest of the attendees.

Yorro requested an update about what was discussed in the last meeting regarding the aforementioned mosque project. Pa gave him a brief overview of what was discussed. Yerro added that members should contact Dawda and the other folks that were selected earlier (Abdourahman and Michael) and ask them to identify stages that we can embark on to complete the mosque project. He stressed the importance of proper coordination.

Pa interjected the issue of lack of communication within B.A .Inc representatives in Gambia. The frustration on this issue was vented unanimously. Pa reiterated the commitment Michael Secka has shown. Ous added, what is important is committed people not committees.

M.B. suggested B.A. Inc to chip in and get the reps a computer and some form of internet access. This suggestion was met with resistance by members. Members were concern about the cost involved in that.

Yorro stated Abdourahman, Michael and Dawda should be able to work together. Mutarr expressed similar sentiments. He buttressed the importance of working together in order to achieve meaningful results. He continued to say; working together should be everyone’s guiding principle adding that it will prevent unnecessary expenditures.

The lack of communication with Dawda, the elected project manager was brought up. Bakary emphasized that all efforts are to be exhausted to try and get in touch with Dawda. A handful of members expressed their frustration when they tried to get in touch with Dawda. Bakary, Mutarr and Ousainou were assigned to try and get hold of him.

Fundraising Proposal

M.B was asked to brief members about the fundraising efforts. He stated a meeting was schedule yesterday, March 13th but was deferred due to some fundraising member’s inability to attend. He directed members to focus on membership drive for now. Yerro promised to update members if anything comes up. M.B. is redirecting members to utilize the Google page that was created couple of months ago and that he will be sharing fundraising info on there.


Pa talked about the status of B.A registration in The Gambia and that progressed is being made. He will send the suggested names and logos to the executive to help us come up with one of each to complete the process. Regarding the opening of a bank account bearing B.A. Inc was brought up by Bakary. Pa stated it is possible at this time. It was agreed to wait until Alagie Sey returns after which the account will be opened in the name of the association. Mutarr contributed on the procedures that need to be followed. The registration process in the Euro zone is put on hold due to B.A.’s financial instability.

Summer Nawetan

Ous was given the floor and he suggested for us to look into having BA sponsor the coming “Naweetan”. Mutarr chipped in and stated that we need to look for volunteers to foot the bill of which he will be part of. 

M.B asked Ous to put together a budget and went on to ask members who wants to volunteer to foot the Nawettan bill. All attendees (Bakary, Ous, M.B, Pa Joof, Pa S. Johm and Mutarr) except Yerro who was away when M.B asked committed to contribute each $50.00 towards the proposed Nawettan. Ous will buy a trophy with his contributions and M.B will reach out to selected members for donations. Ous will send out an email with information on verbiage to put on the trophy.


M.B and Mutarr requested an update on the B.A finances. Pa was able to provide members with a summary of B.A.’s finances. The total balance is $4067.00 estimated to be about D105, 000.00 at an exchange rate of $26.00. The next meeting is scheduled for April 4th, 2010.


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