Executive Meeting - June 6th, 2010

06/06/2010 01:20

  B.A inc. Executive meeting Minutes: Teleconference

Date: June 6th, 2010.

Chairperson: Pa Joof

Secretaries: M.B. Krubally, Bakary M. Jallow

Attendees: Momodou Sellou Jallow, Saibo Drammeh, Ousainou krubally, Wuyeh Sanyang (Yerro), Muhtarr Jallow , Alhagie Sey, Cherno B. Jallow and Majidi Jallow.


  1. Formal opening of the meeting
  2. The President Mr. Pa Joof’s – update on the status of BA
  3. Mr. Wuyeh Sanyang - Update the mosque “abulution” project
  4. Fundraising Update – Status on the proposed ideas
  5. BA – Financial report
  6. Update – “Nawettan” from Sports & Cultural Officer Mr. Ousainou Krubally
  7. AOB

Pa- Opened the meeting with routine greetings, encouraged and commended executive members for their continuous efforts. He emphasized the importance of keeping the momentum so to ensure successful accomplishment of projects, and in inspiring the membership to maintain the cause. To keep the flow, he outlaid plans to keep the membership updated on ongoing projects, including the scholarship program.

On a different note, he congratulated Ousainou Krubally and Dawda Sankareh for their efforts regarding the coordination of the upcoming Nawettan to be sponsored by BA. He also confirmed the shipment of the linens BA secured for Basse Health Center. As the head of BA, Pa suggested to celebrate the success of the association. In reference, he urged everyone to brainstorm and come up with suggestions in an effort to commemorate BA’s one year anniversary, which falls on July 4th.

Yerro - Gave a brief overview on the mosque project; Accounted for the last meeting he had with the trustees regarding the project activities on hold. According to Yerro’s assessment, the mosque issue has being resolved. Michael Secka, Dawda Sankareh, Alhagie Kaw Yerro Cham and Alh. Nasirou, the current assistant Imam of Basse will be working hand-in-hand to get the mosque project to a completion. Yerro promised to update members with a report from Michael and Dawda to be substantiated with photos.

Pa- Asked if the project’s estimated completion time is known.

Yerro – Replied in the negative. He stated Michael Secka was unable to give him a tentative date.

Pa- requested for Yerro to inform the executive committee the soonest possible.

Saibo- Took over the fundraising item on the agenda. Suggested a Basse reunion and use it as a venue for raising funds. He pointed out a bottleneck if we try to put everyone together at one location. It is better to do it at different locations stated Saibo. Among his proposals for fund raising were: involving people from Basse in the effort, and using the website to generate funds. He wants a fundraising team to be set- up in Basse to enhance success. Individuals and households need to be contacted advised Saibo.

Ous Krubally- Supported the idea of soliciting funds from Basse. He wants us to target business men and women on the ground. He pointed out the idea of printing T-shirts like it was suggested during one of the executive meetings that was held.

Saibo - Asked about the pricing on T-shirts. Members will find out.

Alagie Sey- wants the mosque to be used for public relation purposes.

Wuyeh – Emphasized that, it is important to involve folks on the ground and make them part and parcel of the mosque project implementation process. He continued to say we need a strong base in Basse.

MB- We need to establish a foundation on the ground. Empowering folks back home is essential.

Muhtarr- suggests selling T-shirts to local businesses, youths and elders.

Majidi- Wants BA to communicate to folks that BA is just supporting and not feeding. He wants BA to enable ownership on the ground that will work through structures. He objects to printing T-shirts for fund raising. He stated so many organizations back home give out T-shirts for free.

M.S Jallow- To avoid confusion, donations strategies should be specific.

Alagie Sey- gave a summary of BA’s finances.

Ous – Informed that Trophies for the Nawetan are on the ground. He requested for funds to be released to sponsor the program so it could move forward. He extended Dawda’s concern regarding the football field not being fenced. Ous announced to the members that, he secured another trophy and wants it to be played in memory of prominent Basserians who passed away.

M.B- objects to Ous’s intention for the extra trophy. He suggests it to be used for recognizing players.

M.S. Jallow - Redirected the meeting to another issue. He wants BA to contribute towards the health sector of the Basse community. He suggests buying drugs and distributing them. He also went on to say BA should take up putting in solar panels for the mosque.

Bakary- Wants to focus on prevention strategies rather than curative methods. He wants BA to embark on cleaning efforts and buying bed nets.

Majidi- Buying bed nets will not bring significant contributions. He stated the project he was working for distributes bed nets to the vulnerable.

M.B - Wants the proposed projects in hand to be completed first which Yerro and Saibo supported.

Bakary - Thinks adding to the height of the existing mosque fence is cosmetic and would like other mosque projects to be completed first.

Cherno Baba - Warned against zig zagging and to remain focused. Suggest the women prayer ground project to be next on the agenda. He stated tackling health issues right now will be challenging.

Pa - supported Cherno’s idea of focusing on the women’s area at the Basse mosque like members have planned earlier. He assigned Bakary and Majidi to conduct a feasibility study to support the suggested plan for contributing towards the health sector.





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