Executive Meeting at Bakoteh, Gambia

11/19/2012 22:14


Alh Saibo Drammeh
Alh Sellou Jallow
Filly Sabally
Muna Sey

Date: November 10th, 2012


1. Financial issue
2. Projects in Basse e.g  Hospital items, Scholarship, Mosque project etc
3. Member ship dues paid in Basse
4. A trip to Basse on Friday 23.11.2012 with all Executive members to see for selves what is on the ground.

After opening the meeting with a join prayers we started with the financial issue.

1. Financial issue

The financial status of Friends of Basse is as follows:

Euro account is having 570 euros plus 80 euros from Bassy Krubally which is presently with Ous Krubally making 650. From this 650 euros,  143.83 was spent for 2 years web hosting giving us a balance of 506.15 euro in the euro account.

According to Alh Sey Bank of America has $1766 at the moment.

According to Filly Sabally the dalasi account is presently having a total of 7310 dalasis. The opening amount was D3260 part of which was collected from me early this year which was the balance after the expenditures of the hospital item distribution. D3750 came from Alh sellou and D400 are membership dues for 2012 from Filly Sabally, Muna Sey, Aduraman Jallow and Ousaine O. Jallow. So 3260+3750+400 is D7410 minus D100 bank charges makes a total of D7310.

2. Projects in Basse

Here we could not go further because Dawda sankareh was the only one who can tells us something about all our projects on the ground in Basse. Alh Sellou and Filly Sabally  tried to call him many times in our present but in vain. And the same thing  applies to point no. 3

3. Membership dues paid in Basse:

Here also we could not answer the questions:
Who is handling paid membership dues in Basse?
How much money has been collected so far?

4. A trip to Basse on Friday 23.11.2012 with all Executive members

Because we could not find the answer to so many questions we decided to travel to Basse on Friday 23.11.2012 with all Executive members presently in the Gambia to see for our selves what is on the ground. We will leave Kombo by 5 pm and hope to be in Basse latest 10pm. We will take a rest in a 5 star hotel and start our mission on Saturday morning. We will visit all projects in Basse and make consultations with some people on the ground. Saturday evening after 5pm prayers we will have a town hall meeting.


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