Basse vegetable vendors cautioned - As buyers complain of exorbitantprices

09/23/2009 02:02


Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Vegetable sellers at the Basse market have been asked by the market authorities and the police to bring down the prices of their vegetables; so that the consumers can afford to buy the commodities for their daily consumption.

However, this development came after the customers in the Basse market complained of the exorbitant prices that vegetable sellers charge on their vegetables. These complaints did not go well with the Basse Market Management Committee which called for a dialogue with the sellers - who are mainly women. “But if the current situation at the market is anything to go by, the vegetable sellers are not ready for any form of dialogue,” a consumer told the Daily Observer.  “These are our products; so we should determine how to sell them,” a vegetable seller pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Basse Market Management Committee recently summoned the vegetable vendors at the Basse Police Station,where they were advised to beat down their prices on the vegetables.

Speaking to our reporter at the Basse Police Station, Soma Jallow, one of the customers, expressed total dismay with the way the women sell their vegetables.

According to her, two pieces of okra is sold at D5, while lettuce is sold at D25 per two pieces.

The Basse market mistress described this act as “greed” and unIslamic. “ In fact, these are all grown here, but they are only being greedy selling at these exorbitant prices. We have told them to reduce their prices, but they turn deaf ears to our words;but I think it is now time that they paid attention to our advice,” she said.

One of the vegetable sellers noted that producing these vegetables involves high labour cost and that they have all the right to sell at their own determined prices; so whoever wants to buy, let him buy and whosoever chooses not to, let that be.

A senior police officer at the Basse Police Station, who wished not to be mentioned by name, told the Daily Observer that they have spoken to the vegetable sellers and they have agreed to beat down the prices.

Author: by Alieu Jamanka

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