Basse ferry crossing point floods Residents, business people vacate premises

10/12/2010 20:22

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Basse ferry crossing point that links Basse and Wuli has began flooding following torrential rains in the region recently. This caused many residents and business people in the area to vacate their premises as the water  due to overflow of water.

The issue is aggravating and many have raised concern about it, thereby calling on government, private sector, NGOs, etc to intervene and find a solution to the flood issue. The initial over flooding of the river bank which began some two weeks back gave both residents and travellers the impression that the water would soon subside. But as the situation is currently getting out of hand and it has caused alarm.

Speaking to the Daily Observer’s URR correspondent, Malick Sanneh, a resident of the area who  vacated his premises due to the heavy floods, said the situation is getting worse and appealed for assistance. One Alhagie Saikou Tunkara, a businessman who sells rice and sugar also confirmed that the water forced him to close his business until such a time that the issue is resolved. He said he stopped selling three days ago .Mamadou Sowe, also a  businessman said he has not been selling for 10 days. He indicated that the over flooding of the river bank is not just a new thing, recalling that it happened in 2003 and again this year. He also expressed optimism that the water would soon subside.

For his part, Cherno Jallow, spare parts dealer, disclosed that he has not been selling for four days.

Author: Bekai Njie in URR
Source: Daily Observer

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