Bass NAM Sellu Bah Will Run Again

02/17/2012 15:02

Sellu says he will run for re-election

Friday, February 17, 2012

The incumbent National Assembly member for Basse Constituency has told the Daily Observer that he is going to contest in the upcoming National Assembly elections slated for 29th of next month.

Hon Sellu Bah, who is also the APRC desk officer for URR was speaking during an interview with this reporter at his home in Basse on Wednesday. He dismissed as ‘mere rumour mongering’, the story making the rounds in town that he will not stand as a candidate in the election. He said he is the incumbent and will contest. “I am going to contest and I will win,” he added.

Hon. Bah predicted that the National Assembly elections will be a replica of the recent presidential polls, saying the APRC will definitely sweep all the constituencies. Asked why he wants to contest again when he had already served three terms, the Basse NAM pointed out that there is no term limit for parliamentarians, and so he is eligible to contest as far as the people want him. He added that he has served his constituency, region and country well.

 As to why he is confident that the APRC will nominate him again, considering the number of people who are aspiring to stand under the ruling party ticket, Hon. Bah recalled that it was a similar scenario during the last National Assembly elections. “Right now, there are four to five aspirants. They are free to aspire for the seat, but you know APRC has principles. What one has done for the party also matters; most of the aspirants we don’t even see them in APRC activities,” he said.

He went on to describe the other aspirants as self-centered people who only surface when they knew that elections are coming. He added that the president and party leader, as well as people on the ground ‘know who is who’.Hon Bah finally called on the URR electorate to maintain a peaceful conduct before, during, and after the election and avoid violence, adding that the president has always been saying that the peace and stability of this country will not be compromised for anything.
Author: Alieu Ceesay in Basse, URR;Observer


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