Banjul Mandinaka Society tours NBR, URR

03/14/2011 09:47

Monday, March 14, 2011

The executive members of the Banjul Mandinka Society led by its’ president, Alhagie Kawsu Jammeh Thursday began a nationwide tour. The tour is meant to brief the people on the aims and objectives of the Society that was established 50 years ago.

NBR meeting
In Kerewan, North Bank Region (NBR) the delegation was received by the governor of the region, Alhaji Edwarr Seckan. They then held a meeting at the governor’s bantaba. Speaking at the meeting, Alhaji Wa Ceesay, the secretary general of the Society briefed the community on the purpose of their tour. He explained that the aims and objectives of the Society include among other things, to strengthen unity and mutual understanding among people and to revive their good culture and tradition that have been existing long ago, ensure love among people, as well as join hands to support the president on his development agenda.  

He added: “This is why the Society deem it necessary to come out to our own people to discuss with them on how we can develop the good culture and tradition and make them to think positively towards the development of our nation and to forget about tribes or region when it comes to development which is in the interest of all.”  

For his part, Governor Seckan commended the Banjul Mandinka Society for their foresight and appreciation of President Jammeh’s development strides. He said the gesture was highly appreciated and urged the people to strengthen their political allegiance to the APRC and the president. He maintained that President Jammeh has no differentiation when it comes to development in this country and again urged all to support him. The NBR governor used the occasion to renew his call for people to forget their political differences, affirming that the government would continue to promote religious tolerance and work in the interest of national unity. He also called on the elders to inculcate good morale and discipline in the teaching of Islam and respect the leadership in promoting the socio-economic development and enhance the livelihood of the people. The governor finally called on the people to continue to pray for the president and the government for continued peace and stability in the country.

Alhaji Kawsu Jammeh, the president of the Banjul Mandinka Society thanked President Jammeh and his government for according people the opportunity to perform the last pillar of Islam in Mecca. He also hailed President Jammeh for his personal generosity towards religious affairs, citing the annual pilgrimage in which a significant number of people performed their religious rites in Mecca through the support of the president. Yankuba Sillah, the imam of Tabacco Road in Banjul noted that the support of the president in the area of religion demonstrates his commitment in promoting peace and unity. He then prayed for him and his entire family.

Musa Babanding Ceesay, the coordinator of the Society also commended President Jammeh for promoting the teaching of Islam and unity among the Islamic Ummah and by extension contributing in strengthening the peace that the country has been known for. He also thanked him for facilitating the annual hajj package for many people annually. He pointed out that performing hajj in a lifetime is a requirement and also contributes in fulfilling the last pillar of Islam. He then prayed to God to continue to bless President Jammeh.

Lamin Queen Jammeh, the chief of Lower Nuimi and Jim Fatma Jobe, the chief of Jokadou  all lauded the move by the Banjul Mandinka Society and called on the people to join hands in promoting our culture and tradition. Mustapha Saidy, the APRC youth mobiliser for NBR also heaped praises on the country’s leadership and equally thanked the Society for the initiative. He then urged the Badibunkas to strengthen their support for President Jammeh and the APRC. From Kerewan, the delegates proceeded to Salikenni in Centeral Baddibu District, and then to Mandory village. They also had a night stop in Farafenni.

URR meeting
On Saturday, the delegation proceeded to the Upper River Region (URR) and held a meeting with the community of Basse at the governor’s bantaba in Mansajang, Basse. Speaking at the meeting, Pa-Amadou Susso, secretary of the URR Mandinka Society said the Society in Basse was established five years ago with similar aims and objectives as the Banjul Mandinka society. He said he was impressed by the visit of the Banjul Society to URR and appealed for support from them in order to boost the region’s society.

Speaking on behalf of the governor of URR, Omar Sompo Ceesay, chairman of Basse Area Council, expressed delight at the visit of the Banjul Mandinka Society, acknowledging that it will help in complimenting the efforts of government. He described the aims and objectives of the society as important and relevant, in the sense that there cannot be any meaningful development without unity. He finally assured of URR’s unwavering support to the Banjul Mandinka Society.

For his part, Alhaji Kawsu Jammeh told the gathering that the society was established over 50 years ago. He went on to explain the aims and objectives of the Society, while disclosing that the membership of the Society is open to all tribes, religions, and political [associations]. Jammeh also stressed the need for people to go back to their traditional ways of bringing up their children and settling family disputes, among other things. He then appealed to the people of URR to support and rally behind the governor and the government of President Jammeh, while emphasising the need for unity among the people.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation visited Dampha Kunda and Gambissara.
Author: by Alhagie Babou Jallow in NBR & Alieu Ceesay in URR

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