A Mini Basse Reunion - Photos

04/15/2012 11:14

Tijan Jallow at Hollywood & Highland Center

Abdoulie Jallow in front of the Chinese Theatre next to the late Michael Jackson's hand and foot prints

Basserians From Left to Right, Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah, Mr. Bakary Jallow, Mrs Tida Bayoh, Mr. Amadou B. Jallow, Mr. Tijan Jallow, Mrs. Isatou Jallow and Abdoulie Jallow pose for a picture at Hollywood Center

Young and in love.

From Left to Right, Mr. Bakary Jallow and wife Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah, Mrs Isatou Jallow and husband Mr. Amadou B. Jallow

In fromt of the Jimmy Kimel Live taping studio at the Hollywood Center.  From Left to Right, Mrs. Isatou Jallow, Mr. Bakary Jallow, Mr. Amadou B Jallow and Mrs. Mariam Korka Bah

The ever vibrant Tijan Jallow

The Ladies feeling very comfortable in Hollywood.  From Left to Right, Mrs. Tida Bayoh, Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah and Mrs. Isatou Jallow

At the Hollywood Center.  From Left to Right, Mr. Bakary Jallow, Mrs. Isatou Jallow, Mr. Ablie Jallow, Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah, Mr. MB Krubally, Mrs. Tida Bayoh and Mr. Tijan Jallow.  Sitting, Mr. Amadou B Jallow and his little one. 

Time for Breakfast.  From Left to Right Mr. Hassan Awl with the Ovaltine can, Mr. Buba Kujabi, Mr. Amadou Jallow, Mr. Abdoulie Jallow, Former Police officer once posted at Basse Mr. Ebrima Demba, Mr. Tijan Jallow  and Mr. Bakary Jallow. 

At the Gala.  From Left to Right, Mr. Bakary Jallow, Mrs. Mariama Korka Jallow, Mr. Abdoulie Jallow, Mrs. Isatou Jallow and Amadou B. Jallow with the little ones

MB Krubally and former Basse St. Joseph's primary school teacher Ms. Michelle Sambou

The Gala Dinner table, Basserians share some Armenian dishes with our Nigerian friends

At the Gala, the crowd dances the night away

The Bayoh Sisters.  Left to Right, Tida and Mariama

MB Krubally and the Bayoh Sisters, Basse Nice

Husband and Wife Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah and Bakary Jallow

Mr. & Mrs Amadou B. Jallow and Isatou Jallow with their little one

Mr & Mrs Momodou and Salimatou Krubally

Finally, click on the link below for Asley Maher's wonderful Ndagga playback "Soon".  at the fundraising event.




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