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The Death of Bademba Kamara

The death of Bademba Kamara, otherwise known by his childhood moniker "BDK" or sometimes "BD-WA" has been announced. He died Monday night in Basse and was buried the next day.

BDK hailed from Basse Angal Futa. He was a popular goalkeeper for the Fulladu FC during the heyday of Basse Nawetaan football at the Basse High Level Football Field. He was known for his dramatics at the goalpost. He was agile, occasionally liked to dangle his hand over the goalpost, or he would put up a show acting like he was about to let the ball into his net when he actually knew he had the ball in his clutches. BDK was a fun goalkeeper. The kids loved him, and they would surround him after games. I likened his goalkeeping style to that of the Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos in the 1990 Italy World Cup. They both liked to flirt with danger, acted playful but actually well concentrated on the game, on the ball arriving in their vicinity.

The history of the Basse High Level Football Field is replete with actors and their frolics. BDK surely belonged in the company of Basse football entertainers. He made an impact; he contributed in his own way to the development of the sport in town. He leaves behind great memories, for which people like me, who saw him in action, would be forever grateful.

BDK is survived by brothers MSK, Babanding and Mamudu Kamara in Angal Futa, Bakary Kamara in Norway. He is also survived by a sister or two. May Allah forgive him his sins and count him among the blessed in Janna. Ameen.

Note: News on BDK's death came courtesy of Billo Jallow in Serekeunda.


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