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Death again waging its crusade to fetch people and keep them away from the rest of their families.What doubts me most is deathś ability to pull one out from his family in the midst of oneś children,in the midst of oneś friends,in the midst of one´s wives and in the midst of oneś well wishers,death would come and do its job.People would hide from death,people would travel wide and afar to escape death only to be fetched by death at the end. People would empty their purses and bank accounts only to be hit by death.Kemo hailed from Kisi-Kisi Village,but spent most of his time in Basse,he had engaged into so many businesses,he had registered an unimaginable amount of successes.

He operated so many shops,selling cement,building materials,he also operated last some petrol stations whereby a good number of youths were employed and for anything that earned them some income to take care of their families.As if the angels had communicated to him,he recently built a mosque in the petrol station he operated last.Kemo had also participated into youthś activities.

He contributed a lot in salvaging the plight of the youths.He made his political stand known only to him and stood by it,he never fought or argued about politics,what he felt was his duty was to cast his vote for the party he supports and goes on with his job.As gentle as he was,he calculated every step he made,he never attempted huge strides that would have led him into a ditch.When he was in gatherings,his presence was only felt when colleagues called his attention.

He spoke gently and softly when required,he spoke briefly on trivial issues,he spoke at length when issues were grave and needed immediate actions.Kemo was also so sensitive to the sufferings of others,so it had ever warranted him to sacrifice all that he had just to make others not left out in circles of life.

From the bottom of my heart , I sincerely extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of the Dibassy,his wives,children and friends,may his gentle soul rest perfectly in peace.


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