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Basse Library Fundraiser

Happy holidays to everyone! Let me take this opportunity to remind you about the ongoing fundraising drive for the "Library Project". The latest updates indicate that the first batch of computers shipped from Germany have arrived in the Gambia and the books sent from California will be arriving shortly. The second shipment of desktop computers have also left the USA heading for the Gambia. (see attached pictures)

The fundraising committee of the library project met recently to discuss a tentative budget and ways to raise funds for this noble project. One of the pain points discussed in this meeting was to rekindle the fundraising effort by reaching out to the natives of Basse and friends of Basse. Therefore, let me start by echoing the words of MB and ask all Basseans and friends of Basse to please donate towards the “Library Project”.

Please join us today and donate any amount you can, as no amount is small. We also welcome any fund raising initiatives you may have to make this project a success.

Thanks to all the donors and pledges. We hereby ask pledgers to start fulfilling their pledges and submit donations in the designated FOB account in their area.

As always, please feel free to contact any of the executive members listed on our website ( for help sending in your pledges and donations.

Thank you all in advance and we look forward to hearing from you all.

Mamadou Salieu


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