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Vouching for Hassan Touray

05/23/2011 10:28
    Friday May 13, 2011 From the Basse Association, Inc. Vouching for Hassan Touray   Hassan with fellow Basserian wife Jacob Krubally-Touray and kids Omar and Aisha Touray Our man Hassan Touray, an executive member of the Basse Association, Inc., has been in the news a...

Photos - Basserians

05/11/2011 19:12
    Leeds, UK. l-r: Yusupha Krubally, Assan Jaiteh, Bakary Manneh (Old-Pa Sonko), Kebba Jaiteh and Musa Sillah  Leeds, UK: l-r: Kebba Jaiteh, Modou Musa Njie, Wuyeh Keita and Pa M. L. Joof   Basse. l-r: Ousainou Krubally, Dawda Sankareh, Jewru Krubally,...

Appreciation/Dawda Faal, Gambian Historian

05/11/2011 19:10
    Intellectual Giant By Pa Samba Johm Dawda Faal/Photo Credit - GamWriters The news of Mr. Dawda Faal’s passing took me by surprise because I visited him at Muslim High School during my last Gambian visit in February of this year. I am greatly saddened by his passing and extend my...

Basse Association Prez Resigns; Deputy Takes Over

05/03/2011 20:47
    Thursday April 21, 2011 BA News Release Basse Association President Resigns; Deputy Takes Over Pa M. L. Joof The President of the Basse Association, Inc. Pa M.L. Joof has resigned his post. As constitutionally mandated, his deputy Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow has become the new leader...

Performing the Hajj: A Personal Reflections (Part II)

04/21/2011 00:14
In this second and final part of Mamadou Sellou Jallow's reflections on his 2009 pilgrimage to Mecca, we learn about the author's visits to the holy cities of Mina and Medina, his yearnings for access to the Black Stone and what the Hajj means to him and you. Alh. Mamadou Sellou Jallow with his...

Photos - Sellou & Friends (Back in the Day)

04/21/2011 00:03
Photo Report Datelines: Basse, Bwiam and Bansang Youthful flamboyance. l-r: Sellou Jallow (Tigana), Ousman Krubally (Zoff), Maju Bah (Zico) and Omar "Bundu" Jaiteh (Gerd)  Childhood swagger. Standing l-r: Ous Barry, Sellou Jallow, Ams Barry; sitting, Lie...

Comment/A Lesson in Humanity

04/11/2011 22:19
Kindness: Embracing a Value Ingrained in All of Us In childhood, we were taught to wait for others for food, share the little available with everyone, and let the younger ones have it. Caring for others is not unique to one particular group of people or country; it is a common value ingrained in...

Photos "Blood" Brothers

04/11/2011 22:15
  Basserians rallied around the national flag at the 2009 Summer Jam in Cologne, Germany. They enjoyed themselves and then got down to some serious business: forming the Basse Association, Inc. The rest, shall we say, is now history.   For The Gambia, we ... . On the right, Mamadou...

Exclusive Interview with Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang

04/02/2011 18:15
Wednesday, March 23, 2011   At executive meetings, his is the voice of studied moderation and of the bigger picture. Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang, a senior adviser to the Basse Association, Inc., was born in Jaw Kunda, Basse Angal Futa. He attended St. Joseph's, St. George's and Koba Kunda...

Statistical Report: How Many Reading My Basse, And From Where

04/02/2011 18:09
Wednesday, March 23, 2011  A Snapshot Of Our Readers And Where They Are Reading  From  Daily Report (February)   Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth ...
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Basse History Debated


10/11/2009 13:56
The Past Explained Sometimes, in the silence of your own solitude, you find yourself lost in picturesque thoughts, in wonderland. Your mind is talking to itself. Imaginations are running aplenty. If you have a fondness for nostalgia, then you cruise down memory lane, reflecting on, say, childhood,...

Basse: A History Buried in Syllables

10/11/2009 13:49
 By Ebrima Kamara  "Deficiency in our languages has effects beyond not being able to speak them; it affects our sense of history, our sense of reality and our worldview in general." - Ebrima Kamara Please allow me to say a word concerning the depiction of the history of Basse, which has...


10/11/2009 13:40
  By Cherno Baba Jallow I guess now we are all agreed that this debate has gotten really interesting. I am sure it has been a learning experience, at least for some of us keen about history and the historical. But lest the importance and purpose of this debate collapse in a constellation of...


10/11/2009 13:23
  By Momodou Baldeh It seems you’ve succeeded in igniting an interesting debate between Cherno Baba Jallow and me. I would like to respond to some of the questions and observations he raised in his last posting. He is right that I’ve never come across a Samba Sowe throughout my research...

Who Founded Basse?

10/11/2009 13:21
Since this is a website for and about Basse, we thought it fitting to publish the debate on Basse history first carried by the Gainako newspaper in 2007. The edited versions have been reprinted here with the expressed permission of Gainako and the participants.   By Cherno Baba...

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