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Spotlight on the Sankulay Kunda River Crossing

01/26/2012 12:42
January 9, 2012 Photo Essay When a River Gets a Makeover Coming from the south, accessing the historically-important town of Jangjangbureh, formerly Georgetown, has gotten much easier Sankulay Kunda River Crossing: Then ... A GPTC Bus Crashes into the Sankulay Kunda River in 1992...

Reflections/The Sun Rises on a New Year

01/09/2012 08:51
Sunday January 1, 2012 There wasn't much to cheer for 2011 and the last 11 years. Wars, natural calamities and a global economic meltdown shuttered hopes and provided little optimism for the future. By Cherno Baba Jallow Here is to 2012. Out with the old and in with the new. The year...

Survey: 74840 Facebook Users in The Gambia

01/01/2012 06:47
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Facebook mania is gradually creeping up in The Gambia. According to Socialbakers, the social media statistics portal, there are currently 74840 Facebook users in the The Gambia, "which makes it #150 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country." Within the...

It Takes a Village to Really Dance - A Photo Report on Sare Mamoudu

12/28/2011 09:50
Thursday December 8, 2011 It Takes a Village to Really Dance Last year, the ONE GAMBIA film crew, accompanied by Charles Baldeh of Radio Basse, visited Sare Mamoudu to document a circumcision ceremony. It was a splendid affair. Culture and beauty combined to give the memory of a lifetime. "It...

Imam Alhaji Momodou Ceesay Receives the Sir Dawda Jawara Peace Award

12/07/2011 16:10
Wednesday November 30, 2011 For Community Service, A 'Sir Dawda Jawara Peace Award' Within the Gambian community of Michigan, Imam Alhaji Momodou Ceesay is the go-to-guy: for naming ceremonies, funerals, weddings, petty disputes between friends and within families. He is the quintessential...

Bala Ranks:The Musician as Social Critic

11/29/2011 12:26
November 15, 2011 Interview Bala Ranks: "Greed and Selfishness Affecting (Gambian) Society" Musa Kuyateh, a.k.a. Bala Ranks, was born in Basse Manneh Kunda. Ever since he burst on the Gambian musical scene over five years ago, Bala has been raking in rave reviews for his...

Opinion/Challenging Gambians: Be Resourceful to One Another, and Learn to Take Risks!

11/14/2011 22:04
November 7, 2011 Challenging Gambians: Be Resourceful to One Another, and Learn to Take Risks! It can be rough for some newly-arrived Gambian immigrants to the US. To facilitate their way around their new home, they need to be provided with all the right tips, and they also need to learn to...

Photos - Annual Picnic/Gambian Association of Michigan

11/06/2011 23:16
October 31, 2011 For the Love of Homeland ... Peeble Creek Park, Southfield, Michigan, USA --- It was a truly grassroots community affair at the recent annual picnic of the Gambian Association of Michigan (GAM). The theme was one of community togetherness. Families got together to eat and...

Photo Essay - Basse High Level Football Field through the Ages

10/31/2011 11:25
October 16, 2011 Brazil FC (early 1980s). Standing l-r, Selu Bah (current Basse National Assembly rep), Karo Baldeh, Kindi Jallow, X, Cherno Jallow (Najo), Abdoulie Cham, X, Samba "Bull" Saidy. Squatting l-r, X, Abdou "Cholel" Jallow, Landing Sanneh, Hassan "Bappa" Jallow, Michael "Beya...

Flashback/ 'High Level' Days

10/31/2011 11:21
October 16, 2011 From the Archives What is it about the Basse High Level football field that triggers such passionate feelings, at least, for the natives of Basse? It is about history, community identity and sports development. And it is also about the rice paddies nearby and the beautiful...
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Basse History Debated


10/11/2009 13:56
The Past Explained Sometimes, in the silence of your own solitude, you find yourself lost in picturesque thoughts, in wonderland. Your mind is talking to itself. Imaginations are running aplenty. If you have a fondness for nostalgia, then you cruise down memory lane, reflecting on, say, childhood,...

Basse: A History Buried in Syllables

10/11/2009 13:49
 By Ebrima Kamara  "Deficiency in our languages has effects beyond not being able to speak them; it affects our sense of history, our sense of reality and our worldview in general." - Ebrima Kamara Please allow me to say a word concerning the depiction of the history of Basse, which has...


10/11/2009 13:40
  By Cherno Baba Jallow I guess now we are all agreed that this debate has gotten really interesting. I am sure it has been a learning experience, at least for some of us keen about history and the historical. But lest the importance and purpose of this debate collapse in a constellation of...


10/11/2009 13:23
  By Momodou Baldeh It seems you’ve succeeded in igniting an interesting debate between Cherno Baba Jallow and me. I would like to respond to some of the questions and observations he raised in his last posting. He is right that I’ve never come across a Samba Sowe throughout my research...

Who Founded Basse?

10/11/2009 13:21
Since this is a website for and about Basse, we thought it fitting to publish the debate on Basse history first carried by the Gainako newspaper in 2007. The edited versions have been reprinted here with the expressed permission of Gainako and the participants.   By Cherno Baba...

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