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Gambians and the Scourge of Diabetics/Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? (Take Two)

10/12/2012 18:56
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? (Take Two) On the Scourge of Diabetes and How to Confront it By Bakary M. Jallow Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease that is having its foot prints on Gambian soil. It is a group of diseases that is characterized by...

Basse Reunion, Germany

10/03/2012 13:42
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 A Reunion, And Then a Chance to Meet Some of the Challenges of Running an Organization From Afar How does the Friends of Basse do it? Except for the visibility of its undertakings in Basse, the organization resides mainly in the virtual world. Membership is spread...

Literary Meditation/A Chance Encounter

07/27/2012 01:18
Monday, July 16, 2012 By Cherno Baba Jallow A Chance Encounter By the window, I sit inside the Tim Hortons coffee shop, trying to play catch-up with my last week’s Sunday copy of The New York Times and chatting with friends online. I am unable to do neither. My concentration, if you...

Changes in the House: We are now called Friends of Basse

07/15/2012 20:49
Friday, July 6, 2012 News Release We Are Now Called Friends of Basse The Basse Association has been renamed Friends of Basse, a communique sent to the membership from President Mamadou Sellou Jallow, confirmed recently. "We," the message reads, "would like to inform you all that we have...

Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young?

07/06/2012 16:19
Monday, July 2, 2012 Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? A wave of chronic diseases and systemic flaws in a health sector paint a sorry picture. By Bakary M. Jallow It is well documented that a country’s productivity greatly depends on the health of its citizens. The Gambia is not an exception to...

Reflections on The Gambia/Viewpoints

06/06/2012 16:03
Monday, May 28, 2012 Students from the Educational Studies Department at St. Mary's College in Maryland, US, recently returned from The Gambia where they lived within the community and worked in the teaching sector. Away from their teaching duties, the interns also traveled within the...

Observation/Explaining Gambian People and Culture, From an Outsider's Perspective

05/28/2012 12:43
Sunday, May 20, 2012 From an Outsider's Perspective, ‘Explaining’ Gambian People and Culture Destination Gambia, which calls itself, ‘the trusted travel guide’, says in The Gambia, “finishing off your plate means you are still hungry and not yet satisfied.” It also states: “Goats are...

Mother's Day/Remembrances of My Mother

05/20/2012 11:52
Sunday, May 13, 2012 APPRECIATION/Remembrances of My Mother By Cherno Baba Jallow Attachment Parenting: African Mother and Her Baby In July of 2003, it seemed as if all was lost and out of the normal for me. My mother’s death at age 59 had left me devastated to the point of total...

A Mini Basse Reunion - Photos

04/15/2012 11:14
Tijan Jallow at Hollywood & Highland Center Abdoulie Jallow in front of the Chinese Theatre next to the late Michael Jackson's hand and foot prints Basserians From Left to Right, Mrs. Mariama Korka Bah, Mr. Bakary Jallow, Mrs Tida Bayoh, Mr. Amadou B. Jallow, Mr. Tijan...

Feature/Taking Gambian Solidarity to Hollywood

04/15/2012 11:13
Monday, April 02, 2012 Mr. Bakary Jallow at Hollywood & Highland showing off the road to Hollywood; stories for some of the stars As members of the Gambian Association of Phoenix, Arizona, two of our editors with their spouses and friends traveled to Los Angeles, California to attend a...
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Basse History Debated


10/11/2009 13:56
The Past Explained Sometimes, in the silence of your own solitude, you find yourself lost in picturesque thoughts, in wonderland. Your mind is talking to itself. Imaginations are running aplenty. If you have a fondness for nostalgia, then you cruise down memory lane, reflecting on, say, childhood,...

Basse: A History Buried in Syllables

10/11/2009 13:49
 By Ebrima Kamara  "Deficiency in our languages has effects beyond not being able to speak them; it affects our sense of history, our sense of reality and our worldview in general." - Ebrima Kamara Please allow me to say a word concerning the depiction of the history of Basse, which has...


10/11/2009 13:40
  By Cherno Baba Jallow I guess now we are all agreed that this debate has gotten really interesting. I am sure it has been a learning experience, at least for some of us keen about history and the historical. But lest the importance and purpose of this debate collapse in a constellation of...


10/11/2009 13:23
  By Momodou Baldeh It seems you’ve succeeded in igniting an interesting debate between Cherno Baba Jallow and me. I would like to respond to some of the questions and observations he raised in his last posting. He is right that I’ve never come across a Samba Sowe throughout my research...

Who Founded Basse?

10/11/2009 13:21
Since this is a website for and about Basse, we thought it fitting to publish the debate on Basse history first carried by the Gainako newspaper in 2007. The edited versions have been reprinted here with the expressed permission of Gainako and the participants.   By Cherno Baba...

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