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Essay: Of Snakes and Men

03/23/2013 12:53
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Of Snakes and Men By Cherno Baba Jallow Perhaps, you will be inclined to wonder: Why, I, an ardent fan of horror movies, can’t still muster the courage to watch Snakes on the Plane. Ever since Samuel L. Jackson’s flick came out a year ago, my usual appetite for the strange...

Polling Committee Chairman's Statement on the Elections

03/23/2013 12:51
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Dear All, In accordance with Section 12 of the Constitution, the poll officers have successfully conducted the elections in a free, fair and transparent manner.  The ballots were well received and counted. Accordingly, find below the charts indicating the elections...

Editorial/For the New Executive, a Future Imagined

03/23/2013 12:49
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 For the New Executive, a Future Imagined By the Editors Friends of Basse, Inc. is undergoing yet another change of the guard. Following a successful election, a new executive team is ready to hit the ground running. The new executive is actually a blend of old and new...

NEWS: Friends of Basse has new President, Executive

03/03/2013 14:14
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Friends of Basse Has New President, Executive By My Basse Staff Friends of Basse (FoB) has elected a new president Momodou Bilo Krubally and an executive committee to run the affairs of the organization for the next three years. Elections took place recently through an...

Advertorial/Metro Tax: Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Tax Services

02/19/2013 01:08
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Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? (Take 3)

01/22/2013 13:53
Thursday, January 10, 2013 Too Many (Maternal) Deaths! By Bakary M. Jallow One of the crucial health indicators of any nation is the reproductive health of its people. Maternal mortality and morbidity is a good measure of how well a country is taking care of its vulnerable population. There are...

Photos/Friends of Basse Project Sites, Meeting with the Community

01/09/2013 18:51
Monday, December 24, 2012 Observations and Assessments FoB executives, touring project sites and meeting the people in Basse last month. Ablution Facility/Basse Central Mosque From right, FoB VP Maimuna Sey, Pres. Mamadou Sellou Jallow, Project Mgr. Dawda Sankareh and Fundraising...

Requiem for the GPTC Man Bus

12/12/2012 22:53
Monday, November 26, 2012  Requiem for a Bus The Death of a National Company, and a Trip Down Memory Lane.   By Cherno Baba Jallow It was only a matter of time before a death-call would be made on The Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC). Having stayed in the...

On Elections: Not Only Gambians Vote on Emotions

11/26/2012 11:55
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 On Elections Think Only Gambians Vote on Emotions? Think Again. By Cherno Baba Jallow The Author Elections come and go, but the 2012 US presidential election will perhaps be noted in history for its marked contradictions: torment and excitement, certainty...

Photo Essay/Basse Reunion, Dusseldorf, Germany

10/21/2012 11:27
Friday, October 12, 2012 At the recent Basse reunion in Germany, Basserians met up and mingled with their fellow Gambians and their German friends and families Dateline:Volksgarten Central Park, Dusseldorf L-r: Jainaba Jambang/Mansajang, Ousainou Krubally, Ah. Saibo...
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Basse History Debated


10/11/2009 13:56
The Past Explained Sometimes, in the silence of your own solitude, you find yourself lost in picturesque thoughts, in wonderland. Your mind is talking to itself. Imaginations are running aplenty. If you have a fondness for nostalgia, then you cruise down memory lane, reflecting on, say, childhood,...

Basse: A History Buried in Syllables

10/11/2009 13:49
 By Ebrima Kamara  "Deficiency in our languages has effects beyond not being able to speak them; it affects our sense of history, our sense of reality and our worldview in general." - Ebrima Kamara Please allow me to say a word concerning the depiction of the history of Basse, which has...


10/11/2009 13:40
  By Cherno Baba Jallow I guess now we are all agreed that this debate has gotten really interesting. I am sure it has been a learning experience, at least for some of us keen about history and the historical. But lest the importance and purpose of this debate collapse in a constellation of...


10/11/2009 13:23
  By Momodou Baldeh It seems you’ve succeeded in igniting an interesting debate between Cherno Baba Jallow and me. I would like to respond to some of the questions and observations he raised in his last posting. He is right that I’ve never come across a Samba Sowe throughout my research...

Who Founded Basse?

10/11/2009 13:21
Since this is a website for and about Basse, we thought it fitting to publish the debate on Basse history first carried by the Gainako newspaper in 2007. The edited versions have been reprinted here with the expressed permission of Gainako and the participants.   By Cherno Baba...

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