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Comment/Thinking Big, And Improving the Process

12/15/2013 11:27
  Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Exhorting the Faithful  A successful volunteer group requires perseverance and motivation. And collective responsibility.  By Amadou Basiru Jallow, My Basse Associate Editor As an association, Friends of Basse, Inc. has been working hard since its...

Literary Meditation/The Riverside and the Jolt of Memory

11/27/2013 18:24
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 The Riverside and the Jolt of Memory Moments of Solitude Along River Banks Can Prompt Glimpses into the Past. By Cherno Baba Jallow -------------------------- I keep having flashbacks of a trip I made to the Detroit riverside five years ago. It was the annual Detroit Jazz...

General Meeting Minutes - Sunday, October 6, 2013

11/05/2013 04:46
General Meeting Minutes 11/5/2013 Participants via Skype and local access code: Abdourahman Jallow Alh. Saibo Drammeh Alh. Sellou Jallow Alhagie Sidibeh Alhagie Sey Secretary - Amadou Basiru Jallow Baba Jallow Cherno Jallow Cherno Sadu Jallow Haruna Farage Chairman - Momodou B. Krubally Jewru...

Photos/Basse in the late 1980s

10/29/2013 15:44
Thursday, October 17, 2013 Basse Journal The Whiff of Time Galen and Rebecca Kennel arrived in Basse in 1988 as volunteers of the Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO), something akin to the United States’ Peace Corps or Britain’s Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO). It was the Kennels’ first...

Minutes of Executive Meeting, 9/15/2013

10/10/2013 13:33
Minutes of last executive Meeting, 9/15/2013 Participants Amadou B. Jallow M. B. Krubally Pa Joof Kawsu Sillah Bakary Jallow Alhagie Sey Cherno B. Jallow Mamadou Salieu Jallow Chairman: MB Krubally Secretaries: Cherno B. Jallow & Amadou B. Jallow ------------------ Details Financial Update/As...

Appreciation: the Late Hon. Assan Musa Camara

10/09/2013 11:44
Saturday, September 28, 2013 Assan Musa Camara/Man in the News   Of Dignity By Hassan Touray Recently, The Gambia lost one of the most illustrious sons in the former Vice President of the First Republic Alhaji Assan Musa Camara. He passed away on September 15, 2013. He was a perfect gentleman...

Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? Understanding the Health Hazards Posed by Street-side Drug Vendors

09/26/2013 18:51
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Health & Education Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? (Cont'd) Understanding the Health Hazards Posed By Street-side Drug Vendors By Bakary M. Jallow The Author It is mind-bothering walking in towns and cities of The Gambia and seeing street drug vendors screaming...

Executive Meeting Minutes - Sunday, August 25, 2013

09/12/2013 21:56
Participants: Alh. Sellou Jallow Secretary - Amadou Basiru Jallow Bakary Jallow Cherno Baba Jallow Mamadou Salieu Jallow Chairman - Momodou B. Krubally Mutarr Jallow Ousainou Krubally Pa Joof Pa Samba Johm Wuyeh Yoro Sanyang Date & Time: 8/25/13 @ 17:00...

Ramadan Project Report/Letter from the President

09/11/2013 14:43
"You Did Make a Difference" By Momodou Bilo Krubally The Author Dear Donor/Member, As you may have already seen elsewhere on this website, my colleagues project manager Kawsu Sillah and chief financial officer Mamadou Salieu Jallow have written exhaustively on our recently-implemented Ramadan...

Report/Ramadan Project

09/11/2013 14:41
Friday, August 30, 2013 Our Ramadan Project Was a Huge Success. Here is Why By Kawsu Sillah and Mamadou Salieu Jallow The Authors                  Kawsu...

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